Common Cents Credit Union

Common Cents Credit Union received its federal charter on August 20, 1963. Originally Goodyear Beaumont FCU, they had an on-site office located at the Goodyear Chemical Plant. In 2004, the name was changed to Texas Coastal Community Federal Credit Union to reflect the decision to become a community owned financial institution and in order to accommodate the growth of members and employees.

During the credit union’s strategic planning and branding workshop session, facilitated by On The Mark Strategies, the need for a name change became evident. Time was spent in dialogue determining the credit union’s mission, key demographics, messaging and overall brand identity. On The Mark Strategies facilitated and guided the executives through a name change process to select a final name. Thirty-five names with definitions and rational were presented, and the board selected Common Cents Credit Union to represent their vision to their memebers and to the community.

Highlighted below are several slides from the branding and naming process: