Forge Credit Union

PSTCU had a name that no longer reflected its core member base and was limiting its ability to grow. The credit union wanted a new name that was more inclusive of its current and potential field of membership. On The Mark Strategies began by conducting a branding workshop which helped the credit union’s executive team identify a clear vision, key demographics, messaging and brand identity.

With those branding elements in place, On The Mark Strategies then navigated credit union executives through the name change process, which includes selecting a name and putting it through the proper legal channels to ensure it doesn’t belong to someone else. On The Mark Strategies also developed the credit union’s creative elements, including a new logo and website.

PSTCU became Forge Credit Union. Internally, employees have bought into the new name and brand and the reason for the name change. The brand now house a cohesive look and feel and is positioned for future growth.

Highlighed below are several slides from the branding and naming process: