Speaking  |  A keynote speaker sets the tone and energy level for your event and often determines your audience’s decision to attend your next one. Our dynamic keynote speakers are financial industry experts who connect with your audience, introduce leading edge concepts and demonstrate passion for the topics they present. We educate, engage and entertain your audience while customizing all speeches to your organization’s needs.
Branding and Name Changes Building a lasting brand is the only way to differentiate your financial institution in a saturated market and industry. Our trademarked branding process guides your team to develop a strong brand and/or name which resonates with your target demographics, reflects what your financial institution is really about, provides cohesiveness for business decisions and sets you up for long-term growth.

Strategic Planning  |  Strategic planning is more than a glorified to-do list. Our trademarked approach is different. You will leave your planning session with a roadmap of where your financial institution is headed in the future, as well as tools to keep your team accountable for executing your plans. We incorporate fun into your session while ensuring that your financial institution always strives for greatness.

Marketing Audits |  Take your marketing to the next level with strategic and tactical recommendations you can implement immediately. Our team of experts reviews your marketing collateral, strategy, budget, calendar, plan and digital channels. We also mystery shop your branches and competitors to identify your financial institution’s brand gaps and competitive advantages. A marketing audit isn’t just for marketing. It makes your entire organization more cohesive.
Creative Services  |  Creative visuals give your name and brand a voice, but they don’t drive your brand. Strategy does. Our creative team is tuned into your brand from day one so we understand your brand strategy. We immerse ourselves in your brand’s DNA to fully understand your creative needs and create visuals that bring your brand to life.

Journey Mapping and Member Engagement Training  |  How do you want customers or members to feel when they do business with you? Your answer to that question begins the journey mapping process for your financial institution’s consumer experience. Our process enables you to thoughtfully standardize service and experiences at every delivery channel, successfully train your staff to those standards and make your financial institution more memorable.


It’s all about who Mark is. It’s all about his high ethics, his integrity and how much trust our board has in Mark. That’s everything to me.
Connie Roy

CEO, Lafayette Schools Credit Union

One of the best things about working with Taylor and Mark is that they were able to really relay the point to our staff how far branding extends. Branding is everything. It’s who you are. It’s the first impression when you walk into the building. It’s the way they greet you on the way in. It’s the way you interact with each other 14:57   15:35 All these things are part of your brand and that’s just something that a lot of us didn’t realize.
Travis Flora

Culture and Values Officer, Commonwealth Credit Union

On The Mark Strategies is very interested in their processes being used throughout the year, and not just an item that’s check marked. They’re always available when you contact them. They make themselves available throughout the year, and they want to see the success of the organization come from what they do. They don’t want to be an item that’s just an expense. They want to help grow the credit union’s bottom line, as well.
Jason Cortney

VP, Human Resources, UniWyo Federal Credit Union