“What’s in a name?” Shakespeare’s famous line. You don’t have to be a 16th century playwright to know that good names must have meaning, purpose and longevity.

If your name is a comedy or a tragedy, you need our help.

Whether your bank or credit union is getting a new charter, expanding its target demographic or merging with another financial institution, sometimes the most effective way to grow is through a renaming process.

We’ll walk with you from goals and objectives through brainstorming to application and give you the resources you need to successfully implement your new name with current and future target audiences.

Naming Services: 

  • Name Development
  • Google Word Search
  • USPTO Search
  • Logo Development
  • Brand Application

These credit unions and banks were in the same place you are. But now, thanks to a new name, they’re better positioned to serve their members and customers for years to come.

Click the names below for the stories behind the name change.