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A Partnership with Rory Rowland

“To be an effective manager, you need to be an effective coach.” –Rory Rowland

Coaching is not a natural skill for most. But it’s absolutely necessary if you’re going to be an effective manager.

Coaching Manager University is a self-paced 52-week online program that will teach you—or your management team—how to lead with confidence, authority and power.

You’ll learn to:

  • Coach effectively and professionally with difficult people
  • Exert a powerful influence on the actions and attitudes of those around you
  • Recognize the way you come across as a manager
  • Resolve differences through communication techniques
  • Win the support of others for your ideas and positions
  • Confidently ask for what you want

Contact Rory for more information or download comprehensive topic descriptions here.


Coaching our employees helped us increase our loan growth to more than 15% per quarter. Coaching has made a huge difference.

Shawn Beltz

Chief Lending Officer, RG FCU

Learning to coach with this program has given me the confidence to be a ‘Coaching CEO.’ It’s increased our ROA and created a stronger team environment.

Cindy Duke

CEO, Natco CU