Standardizing Your Service and Experience Expectations

How do you want customers or members to feel when they do business with you? This is one of several important questions your leadership team considers as you map out what your customer or member experience looks like at each touchpoint. On The Mark Strategies guides you through the process of determining the standards you believe will make your financial institution more memorable.

You emerge from your journey mapping process with:

  • A map for making your financial institution more memorable
  • Standardized service and experiences across the organization for each delivery channel
  • Measurable goals for meeting or exceeding those standards
  • Accountability measures for non-compliance
  • A name for your experience program


We learned that we had to unwind what we had learned for the last 20 years and start with a clean slate of paper, which was a difficult journey to have. There were a lot of emotions, a lot of opinions. What we found is we naturally gravitated toward making it very simple, easy to understand and relevant for our member owners. That process took a few weeks to put together and Mark facilitated us through this project. We’ve already started to see some incremental successes of staff helping our member owners achieve their goals financially.
Urjit Patel

Senior VP of Member Experience, Smart Financial

Our staff had already bought in to the idea that we better lives. From there it was a matter of how we take that and make it consistent throughout the organization from the person who is brand new and just walked through the door to the person who’s been here for 35 years. That’s something that was really important when we worked with On The Mark Strategies. With them it’s never a cookie cutter approach. They helped us provide the framework we needed and it was unique to our credit union.
Travis Flora

Culture and Values Officer, Commonwealth Credit Union

Taylor does a wonderful job bringing in the complex issues, thoughts and topics down to a level where all staff can understand it. He has great illustrations and stories to tell that help our employees fully grasp the concept of what we’re doing, why we’re doing it, the money we spend and how that can really propel the organization for future years.
Jason Cortney

VP of Human Resources, UniWyo Federal Credit Union