Elevating Managers to Mentors

Middle managers make or break your financial institution. Their ability to communicate effectively with their employees significantly impacts the level of employee engagement and productivity within your organization. The truth is you don’t need managers. You need leaders and mentors – people who engage, connect with and empower with their employees. As with all of our training and development programs, this is not a canned approach.

Our leadership training program:

  • Addresses the unique leadership challenges facing your organization
  • Presents leadership in terms of your culture and expectations
  • Enables you to grow leaders and mentors from within and mold them to your needs
  • Invests in your financial institution’s future
  • Improves your bottom line
  • Comes to you – we train at your location(s)


When you can bring in someone who’s a great partner and understands who you are, understands our culture, understands what our objectives are and rather than having to send employees out for training at a very costly price tag, how about that if you can bring in someone who can train a quarter of the staff all at one time. Mark understands the roles our employees play in their respective jobs and he’s able to mold them in those areas. I also love that it is customizable leadership training. It centers around our needs.

Connie Roy

CEO, Lafayette Schools FCU

Mark really opened our eyes about doing what you love and loving what you do and how that equates to good service. He emphasized that if you’re going to do something, do it right. Do it 100% and give it all you’ve got. If you can’t, this might not be what your passion is. Find your passion in life and love it. I will never forget that training. It was so personable and really had an impact on our leaders.

Angela Baker

Employee Development Manager, Heart of Louisiana Credit Union

Knowing how to deal with different personalities, what motivates people, how to coach and develop them to get them where they need to be is truly a value. Leadership training is definitely a benefit. You can’t have a position just because you have a position and think that you’re going to be a good leader. You need constant development and you want to develop other people to be leaders. On The Mark Strategies leadership training was a great benefit to me to obtain that.

Cinnamon Beaugh

Operations Manager, Lafayette Schools Credit Union