Growth Accelerator
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Your competition is not taking strategic steps to grow. They are playing the victim of a changing market. You, however, know better.

You know that growth requires action, and sustained growth requires sustained action. Control what you can now and tackle the projects that will put you ahead.

Know Where You’re Going and Why

Seta clear vision for your team so everyone works toward the same goal over the next 24 months. And, celebrate together when you get there.

Build a Brand That Resonates

No matter how much the market changes, your brand needs clarity and consistency. Take the time to build the right brand for your strategic goals.

Develop Future Leaders from Within

A 24-month program should set up your financial organization for success for decades to come. Invest in your leaders now so they’re prepared to carry the organization long after you’re gone.

Our Process

– PILLAR 1 –

We’ll assess your current marketing efforts and make recommendations so you can see immediate results.

– PILLAR 2 –
Organizational Alignment

You’ll work together as a leadership team to define why you exist and how you should make decisions.

– PILLAR 3 –

We’ll help you identify target audiences and craft a brand message that resonates with your staff, members and community.

– PILLAR 4 –
Consumer Experience

You’ll operationalize your brand and create sales and service standards that help grow the bottom line.

– PILLAR 5 –
Leadership Training

We’ll help you equip your managers so they have the skills to lead organizational change.


“The CU Growth Accelerator™ helped us be intentional. Having an outside team guide us through our strategic initiatives not only had a bigger impact on our staff, but it also gave us better results than efforts we’ve made internally.”

Michelle Small

CEO, Kelly Community FCU
$147 million assets

“The CU GrowthAccelerator™ process worked very well for our team. The staff especially benefited from the leadership training and member experience training components.”

Yvonne Kershner

CEO, Brazos Valley Schools Credit Union
$1 billion assets

“With the CU Growth Accelerator™ program, we were able to develop internal service standards that we call The Family Experience. The staff have fully embraced it and it’s making a difference in the experience members have with our credit union.”

Cindy Beauregard

CEO, Heart of Louisiana Credit Union
$144 million assets

With two years of the Growth Accelerator™, Centric FCU saw 25% new member growth and 24% loan growth.