Organizational Alignment

You can no longer afford to put a Band-Aid on internal issues. A leadership team that is not aligned cannot move your organization forward.

The most successful credit unions and community banks are led by leaders who trust each other. Create a culture of accountability now, starting from the top.

Build Cohesion Among Your Leadership Team

If you don’t trust each other as a leadership team, then you won’t move forward. Establish that trust and then work together to create the culture your organization needs.

Credit Union Organizational Alignment Strategy

Systemize Your Culture

Get into the everyday details and see how the culture you build impacts hiring, onboarding and employee reviews.

Boost Employee Buy-In

When your team clearly understands their role in the overall “why” of your credit union or community bank, they’ll eagerly agree to whatever you ask them.

Our Process

1. Assessment

We’ll take an honest look at your leadership team’s internal culture through anonymous surveys and interviews.

2. Workshop

Together you’ll work through the six key questions of organizational clarity, including “Why do we exist?” and “How do we behave?”

3. Implementation

We’ll help you use the culture you built to define standards on hiring, onboarding, compensation, meetings, etc.


“In the last year since we worked with On The Mark Strategies, every month has been a record month over the previous year – particularly when it comes to checking accounts and loans. We would not be as successful as we are now without Mark and his team.”

Eric Pointer

CEO, Credit Union of Texas
$1.9 billion assets

“I consider On The Mark Strategies more of a partner than a vendor. Our relationship with them is personal at this point. They know credit unions. Our board trusts them, our managers trust them, and our staff responds well to them.”

Brian Leger

CEO, Meritus Credit Union
$272 million assets

Misalignment costs companies an average of 10% of their total spending each year.

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