Four Ways A Marketing Audit Helps

Four Ways A Marketing Audit Helps

Of course, the bottom line is that marketing audit produces results.

As Lori Perkins, vice president of marketing with Rock Valley Credit Union said, “Business is way up since our marketing audit. The marketing audit, looking back, made my job both better and stronger.

Take a Selfie of Your Credit Union or Bank

Selfies. You see teenagers and lovebirds everywhere taking pictures of themselves. While a little egocentric in nature, selfies do show a lot: about yourself. There is little of the outside world in a selfie: it’s pretty much just you. If you took a selfie of your...

Every Consumer Is A Mystery Shopper

Mystery shops provide invaluable feedback (both on your competitors and yourself). When conducting marketing audits or branding plans for our clients we typically mystery shop a client’s own branches and their competitors. The process includes walking checking out...

How Much Marketing Crap Is In Your Branches?

Credit union and bank marketers have a lot of good material. That’s the problem: it’s too much. Over time those good individual pieces pile up, pile up and pile up. Eventually it becomes a giant mound of … crap. And nowhere is that pile seen more than in the...