Are You Really Who You Say You Are?

In a now infamous rant several years ago, Dennis Green, former coach of the Arizona Cardinals once said after a game, “They are what we thought they were.” One of legendary coach Bill Parcells’ most famous quotes was, “You are what you are.” I was reminded of those...

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Branding Is Not Solely Up to Marketing

Whew. It's so good to get that off my chest. As a former financial institution marketing executive, the idea that the brand is solely the responsibility of marketing is a heavy (and false) weight to bear. For your bank or credit union brand to achieve success,...

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Strategic Lessons From the Toys R Us Death

I have to admit: a part of my childhood died when Toys R Us filed for bankruptcy. I vividly remember going to their stores, playing with every toy on my wish list while singing their jingle (“I don’t wanna grow up because if I did, I wouldn’t be a Toys R Us kid!”). My...

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