Come Inside, We’re Awesome

There's a little boutique in the small town where I live. It sells mostly clothing, jewelry, and scented candles, but it has a unique sign above the main entrance reading, "Come Inside, We’re Awesome!" That’s a bold statement coming from any retailer, let alone a...

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Owning Your Brand

While en route to facilitate a member engagement training this month, I spent some time in the Syracuse airport. The airport has been under construction for the last several months and can be a little confusing, especially for a traveler late at night. While trying to...

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Does Your Brand Care As Much As It Cleans?

An interesting TV commercial for Woolite detergent caught my eye a few days ago. Yes, laundry detergent caught my eye. What stuck out most about the ad was its concluding line … “Woolite cares as much as it cleans.” For most consumers, it doesn’t get much more humdrum...

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