Build a Lasting Brand Through Brand Identity, Naming and Brand Training

Your name and your brand are your financial institution’s most valuable assets. When you re-brand or rename your financial institution, you only get one chance to get it right. You must develop a clear, unique identity, and that requires a specific and measurable approach.

Our trademarked four-step Brand Wayfinder™ process ensures that your financial institution develops a strong brand and/or name, vision and mission which:

  • Differentiates your financial institution
  • Defines and resonates with your target demographics
  • Reflects what your financial institution is really about
  • Provides cohesiveness for business decisions
  • Makes your financial institution memorable
  • Builds staff buy-in to your identity
  • Sets up your financial institution for long-term growth

Brand Wayfinder™ Steps

  • Step 1: Research
    We conduct and analyze both quantitative and qualitative research, as well as use any existing research you have. We also conduct mystery shops of your branches and competitors.
  • Step 2: Strategy
    Using the research collected and analyzed in step one, your leadership team (executives and possibly your board) participates in a two-day brand workshop which provides a roadmap for implementing your brand. We guide your team to make the decisions which define your brand’s DNA
  • Step 3: Creative
    The decisions you make in step two provide the foundation of your visuals and messaging which give your brand a voice. During this step, we conduct a visual assessment of your current visuals to help you determine if your current materials need updating to match your brand’s look and feel.
  • Step 4: Training
    Your staff must buy in to your brand for your brand to be successful. Employees at all levels must be committed to it. Training teaches your employees why your brand is important and how to live it daily.

As part of the Brand Wayfinder process, our creative team will work with you to assess your current visual materials including color palette, messaging, fonts and images.

Additional Branding Services:

Click the below images to check out the brands we’ve helped bring to life.


I would definitely recommend On The Mark Strategies to other credit unions wanting to explore their brand and rejuvenate their brand. Mark is very engaging. He’s sympathetic to the uniqueness of the credit union, and we just found it an enormously fun event. Considering that it’s such a big decision to change your brand, Mark made it a very enjoyable experience and we’ve been living our brand every day.
Tessa Bonfante

Co-CEO, Denver Community Credit Union

Having brand training really helped eliminate any concerns, questions, or uneasiness about what it meant that we were putting together a brand plan. Working with Taylor, who had a very easy conversation with the employees on brand, brand value and what it could mean to us internally and externally for our members and the communities was serve, was extremely important for us to move forward.
Patty Smith

Chief Marketing Officer, Commonwealth Credit Union

I want to personally thank you for the time that you spent with the UFirst Team. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed our time together, as well as the conversations and flow of ideas that we came up with. You have a true gift as a facilitator and your sincerity for what you do is very apparent. I am thrilled to be working with your company and I look forward to all of our future interactions as we move UFirst forward.

Linda Bourgeois

President/CEO, UFirst Federal Credit Union