Transforming Employees Into Brand Ambassadors

Your employees are your brand ambassadors – the critical link between your brand and consumers. You must train them to connect with and engage your customers or members. Member experience training is critical to your journey mapping process. It not only trains employees to your service and experience expectations. It also transforms their role in your organization from employees to brand champions.

Member experience training:

  • Provides customized learning for your employees based on the journey map you create
  • Trains employees to your new service and experience expectations
  • Addresses why these expectations are important to your financial instutions’s success
  • Teaches employees to connect with customers or members
  • Focuses on consumer experiences, not just sales
  • Provides clear guidelines for each job role at your financial institution
  • Engages employees and enables them to role play your newly defined experiences
  • Addresses any issues your financial institution faces implementing these new standards


Mark is an amazing leader with a tremendous amount of experience. The whole team and the On The Mark Strategies process made it easy for us to understand and dismantle things we were doing in the past, start with a clean sheet of paper and chart our future. Mark makes it almost to the point where you don’t even realize you’re doing it at times, which is why I think our branding process went fast for us. We were able to achieve some quick wins in the short-term.
Urjit Patel

Senior VP of Member Experience, Smart Financial

Our member experience program, which On The Mark Strategies helped us create, has helped referrals and increased our ability to cross sell . We’ve had more paid out referrals. We’ve been able to connect with our members more. One of our mission statements is to build lifelong relationships and that’s what we’ve been able to do through our Bold Life Code member experience program. It’s really deepened those relationships that we have with our members.
Mindy Uitterdyke

VP of Marketing, UniWyo Federal Credit Union

We were trying to standardize our service across every delivery channel, across every branch. Our branches are really spread out, and there’s a different culture in each one. Believe it or not, we have young employees that come in and don’t even realize they have to smile at people. With help from On The Mark Strategies, we set up those core principals of things that have to happen, those expectations for each one of our employees.
Connie Roy

CEO, Lafayette Schools Credit Union