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If you want to increase revenue today, then consumers have to know about you. The only way that happens is with a focused marketing message.


We have a plan to get you there.


“We’ve had 13 consecutive months of positive loan growth since the marketing audit was completed. Our assets are up. Our new members are up. Our checking accounts are up. Business is way up.”

Lori Perkins, Director of Marketing & Business Development

Rock Valley Credit Union

As nice as it was of them to say that, they aren’t alone. There have been and are *dozens upon dozens of credit unions who’ve used and are using our marketing assessment to help accelerate their growth.

Here are just a few of the organizations who’ve seen their growth accelerate after using the Marketing Assessment.


*Our designers said we couldn’t put too many on the landing page. Something about it “ruining the user experience.”

They were quite emphatic with the air quotes.


Your team is running on fumes. On The Mark’s proprietary Marketing Assessment saves them time by helping them know where to focus. 


Make your marketing money matter. The Marketing Assessment highlights where to cut and how to save, plus equips you to take the next steps with your marketing budget.


Pausing strategic efforts now won’t lead to growth; our Marketing Assessment positions you to step boldly into the future.


We’ve been fortunate to roll up our sleeves and work alongside the fantastic teams at hundreds of credit unions and community banks across the country. Each of these organizations has accelerated their growth. Many have seen tremendous gain after our proprietary Marketing Assessment, sometimes as much as double digit loan and new member growth within one year. We’re proud of the growth these partners have achieved. Here’s the story of just one of them. Listen in…

What does the marketing assessment get me?


Fair question. You want to make sure you get the most bang for your buck. Here’s what you get out of an On The Mark Strategies Marketing Assessment:

  • Expert analysis of your social media, website and marketing collateral
  • Comprehensive review of your marketing budget, calendar and org chart
  • Tactical recommendations to pivot your marketing 
  • Step-by-step plan to increase your loan growth and improve your ROA within 90 days

If you’re ready to dive in, click the link below to set up your personal kickoff call.


We do the work. You get out of survival mode.

You know you need to invest in your credit union or community bank, but you don’t know how to think about growth when you’re worried about survival. We get it. With the Marketing Assessment, our team does all the work for you. Your time investment is simple:

  • A 30-minute kick-off call
  • 15 minutes to send sample marketing pieces for review
  • A one-hour virtual debrief

We do the rest.



Each passing day sees you throwing money at marketing. The question you can’t afford not to ask yourself is this: How effective is that marketing?

In other words, Is it money well spent?

Look, none of this is meant to say marketing teams aren’t working incredibly hard. On the contrary, marketing folks are some of the hardest workers out there. Heck, most of the OTMS team has a background in Marketing & Branding, so we have a soft spot in our hearts for the often overworked and sometimes underappreciated bunch.

That’s actually what makes it all the more important that when you market, you market well.

Because organizations — especially now — need all that hard work to matter.

At On The Mark Strategies, we have combined decades of experience with clients all over the place who’ve been awfully successful. We’d love to help accelerate your growth too.


Whether you still have questions about the Marketing Assessment or are ready to dive in, we’ve got you covered. Complete the form below and we’ll reach out personally to get you squared away.