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Do you know your financial organization’s vision, mission and core values? Does your staff? Better yet…when was the last time these were updated?

Your vision, mission and core values are your organization’s North Star. Without clarity and alignment on these things, your team will keep moving in circles.

Gain Clarity & Alignment

Without a focused vision, no one knows where to go. They may go somewhere, just not where you need them to. Help your team focus on what matters most.

Reevaluate Your Direction

What brought your financial organization this far will not be what carries it to the next level. If it’s been decades since you updated your vision, then now is the time to reevaluate.

Get the Right Buy-In

It’s one thing to come up with a refreshed vision, mission and values. It’s another thing to convince your board, and your staff, that it’s the right vision. We’ll help you achieve clarity and alignment so everyone gets on board.

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"After the On The Mark Strategies board workshop, our board members have a clear and common understanding of the credit union's single most important near-term priority."

RC Diaz

Board Member, Credit Union of Texas
$1.9 billion assets

Did you know 71% of employees can't recognize their company's strategic vision in a multiple choice question?

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