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Leadership Training

When it’s time for you to retire, who will take your place? Do your managers manage tasks, or do they lead people? There’s a difference, and that difference will make or break your organization.

Invest in your top performers today so your organization will still be thriving tomorrow.

Build Your Bench

Leadership transition is a number one cause for organizational upheaval. But if you invest in future leaders now, it’s a problem you won’t have to face. They’ll already be up for the task.

Increase Your Managers’ Confidence

Are your managers empowered to take risks? Come up with their own ideas? We’ll train them to think like owners so they know how to handle any situation…without coming to you.

Offer Unbeatable Benefits

Few financial organizations offer professional development as an employee benefit. Ongoing leadership training will keep your top talent engaged so they’ll never want to go anywhere else.

Case Study

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“The most surprising thing about leadership training with On The Mark Strategies was how fast our managers grew. Now these managers have contributed to our strategic plan and work cross-functionally together. The results from the training have exceeded our expectations.”

Dave Krause

CEO, UniWyo Federal Credit Union
$494 million assets

“We’ve been able to move several of our people into management roles, and I believe that’s because of our leadership training with On The Mark Strategies. Because of that training, we were able to develop our managers and promote from within.”

Rodney Parker

CEO, Centric Federal Credit Union
$312 million assets

A toxic culture is 10.4 times more likely to drive employees away than compensation grievances