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Marketing Assessment

Do you really know the ROI of your marketing? Consumer behavior changes rapidly, and if your marketing isn’t keeping up with those changes then chances are you’re falling behind.

Learn what you’re doing right and where to focus future opportunities with a marketing assessment.

See What Really Works

The marketing that brought your financial organization this far won’t be what takes it to the next level. Learn how to adjust your marketing strategy to get better results.

Get Clear Next Steps

Unlike a traditional audit, the marketing assessment will come alongside you so you walk away empowered with recommendations you can implement right away.

Keep Up with a Changing Market

Consumer behavior changes quickly. Learn what marketing trends make sense for your financial organization and how to implement them the right way.

Case Study

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Accomplishment #1

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Our Process

1. Discovery

You’ll send us your marketing materials and market data.

2. Analysis

We’ll analyze all your marketing efforts.

3. Reveal

We’ll walk you through what we found and provide strategic and tactical recommendations.


“Right after your presentation to our managers, my CEO whispered to me that the marketing assessment and findings were ‘probably the best thing this credit union has ever done.’ Thank you for such a thorough assessment.”

Brad Norton

SVP Marketing and Development, Utah Community Federal Credit Union
$2 billion assets

“For years, we marketed by committee. That wasn’t working anymore. The marketing assessment was encouraging because it helped us know where to go next and how to get better. Now, we’re ready for the next level.”

Lily Newfarmer

CEO, Tarrant County’s Credit Union
$120 million assets

Centric FCU saw double-digit growth every year for the first several years after its marketing assessment.