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The marketplace has never been more crowded or more confusing for consumers. The brand that worked for your financial organization 15 years ago will not resonate with today’s consumer.

Stop getting lost in the noise. Build a brand that clearly tells your target audience who you are and how you can help them.

Identify Profitable Target Audiences

You can’t be all things to all people. Focus your efforts on the groups you serve best…and that best serve your long-term goals.

Credit Union Rebranding Workshop

Clarify Your Mission

What really makes your financial organization unique? Determine why your financial organization exists and what really makes you different from your competitors.

Credit Union Rebranding Training

Increase Your Brand Awareness

When you’re clear on why you exist and who you’re trying to reach, so are consumers. They’ll know who you are and why they should choose you.

Our Process


“On The Mark Strategies helped us dismantle things we had done in the past, start with a clean sheet of paper and chart the future of our brand. We were able to achieve some quick wins in the short-term process, and I really feel that what we’ve done with On The Mark Strategies is the biggest part of what has made us successful today.”

LeAnn Kaczynski

CEO, Smart Financial Credit Union
$877 million assets

“Mark helped our team come to realize who we are, our vision, our mission, our message, our logo, etc. The ideas didn’t come from Mark. They came from us--but he helped us find them.”

Eric Pointer

CEO, Credit Union of Texas
$1.9 billion assets

“On The Mark Strategies taught us that our brand is not just our logo, it’s everything we do. Their team came in when we needed it most.We’ve gone from being nice people to actually serving the members.”

Tara Springsteen

VP Operations, UniWyo Federal Credit Union
$494 million assets

Credit Union of Texas increased its NPS score 25% within one year of rebranding