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Merger Communications

A merger is one of the most complicated projects your credit union or community bank will ever undertake. Poor communication will only make it harder.

Avoid the endless questioning from members and staff. Let us handle the messaging so you can focus on the operation details.

Eliminate Confusion

Your members don’t care about your merger. They care about how it will impact them. We’ll spell out the process step by step so they know what to expect.

Generate Excitement

A merger means growth—and that’s a good thing! We’ll craft branded messaging so your staff and members get excited for the benefits the merger will bring them.

Build Rapport

Don’t let the merged members of your financial organization fall off your radar. Start building a relationship with them now so you are their first choice for future financial needs.

Building a merger communications plan happens in three steps:

1. Strategy

We’ll help you craft the right strategy so you communicate the right message to all affected parties.

2. Creative

You’ll receive multiple design concepts that bring your message to life.

3. Implementation

We’ll build all the material you need to successfully launch your communications plan, from video to email to direct mail.


“Having On The Mark Strategies carry out the necessary communication steps for the merger allowed us to focus on our membership rather than worry about missed communication. All our communication was finalized well before the merger itself. We were able to deploy staff to be boots on the ground the day of the merger. That alone was worth the investment.”

Chuck Bullock

CEO, Quantum Credit Union
$134 million assets

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Consumers need to hear your message an average of seven times before it sinks in, even for big changes like a merger.