Board Governance

Your board of directors has the potential to be your greatest advocate and asset.

But without proper training, the expertise these people bring to the table goes unutilized. Empower them now so they understand their unique role and can help move your vision forward.

Maximize Your Resources

Like a good sports team, everyone in your financial organization has a critical role to play—including your board of directors. Help your board understand their role so you can maximize their expertise.

Equip Your Board

Having the right resources makes all of us better at our jobs. Your board of directors is no different. Equip them with the knowledge they’ll need to push your financial organization forward.

Create a Board Career Path

Board succession is an ongoing challenge for financial organizations. By creating a “career path” for your board—with clear definitions of what they will get and give during their tenure—you’ll be more likely to get qualified candidates coming to the table.

Case Study

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Accomplishment #1

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"After the On The Mark Strategies board workshop, our board members have a clear and common understanding of the credit union's single most important near-term priority."

RC Diaz

Board Member, Credit Union of Texas
$1.9 billion assets

Your board brings decades of collective experience to the table. Are you using it the right way?

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