A Taste of Bank or Credit Union Consumer Experience Training

Mark Arnold
A Taste of Bank or Credit Union Consumer Experience Training

Bank or credit union consumer experience training is one of the best ways to excite staff about the work you did during a journey mapping session. It explains your new experience program to them and prepares them to deliver high quality service to members and customers. It’s also fun…a key element of breaking through with any piece of training content.

But what does a training session look like?

A typical training session consists of several experience modules combined to teach certain skills specific to your institution’s experience program. If in person, the facilitator sometimes leads fun role-playing exercises to drive points home.

To give you a taste of a bank or credit union consumer experience training session, here’s a bird's-eye view of three modules.

Give ‘Em the Pickle

Yeah…this module’s name sounds weird. But the content is great.

The name comes from a story about a regular customer at a local restaurant. Every visit, the customer ordered the same thing and always received an extra pickle on her burger. But one day, a new employee and manager tried to charge her a nickel for the extra pickle.

She angrily left the restaurant and wrote a letter to the owner (Bob Farrell), who apologized and gave her a free coupon. He also taught all his staff from then on: "Give ‘em the pickle!"

So, what’s the bank and credit union consumer experience training lesson?

It’s twofold. First, go above and beyond in every interaction. Second, give up the little things for the sake of the bigger picture business. Validate the parking ticket. Side with the consumer on small fee disputes. Give them the pickle.

The Key Exercise

This exercise is short and fun – but it doesn’t fail to be impactful too. You’re shown a keyboard and told 46 out of 47 keys work. That’s 98% of the keys. Pretty good, right?


Even one key not working properly impacts the message you type, and participants read something typed with the broken key. Like the mistyped message, your bank or credit union consumer experience training is incomplete if someone doesn’t pull his or her weight. Your brand needs every employee passionately living it to create a memorable harmony for consumers.

The Power of Moments

People don’t remember everything. They remember the biggest moments…the highest peaks or the lowest valleys. Hopefully your bank or credit union consumer experience training guides employees to provide peaks that overcome everything else along your journey map.

The module uses data from trips to Disney World as an example. Visitors rating each experience individually averaged out to a 6.5 (out of ten) for the trip. But asked for an overall rating on the trip, people gave it a nine out of ten. Why?

Two experiences stood out: Space Mountain and getting a mouse hat for the kids. These two peaks colored the whole experience.

So, make sure your staff creates memorable moments and dominates consumers’ minds with positivity.

And if you’re ready for your whole staff to experience these modules, enlist On The Mark Strategies to lead your bank or credit union consumer experience training. Book a free consultation today!

Mark Arnold
Founder and CEO