Add a Little Beach Boys to Your Consumer Experience

Sean Galli
Add a Little Beach Boys to Your Consumer Experience

The Beach Boys perfectly encapsulate the sound of summer. Their cheery voices, catchy doo-op tunes and fun themes make their music a perfect companion for a drive on a sunny day.

In fact, their music is so good…your consumer experience could learn a thing or two from it. But how?

Here are a few ways adding some Beach Boys into your consumer experience could improve things for members or customers.

1. Make Every Interaction Like “Kokomo”

No, this doesn’t mean bring out the palm trees and coconuts to turn your branch into a tropical paradise. Instead, you must establish a different kind of paradise – a paradise of consistency.

The Beach Boys have incredible consistency. Regardless of the song you listen to, you know it’s by them.

Research shows 76% of consumers want consistent experiences when they interact with companies too. You can’t afford to let members or customers drive across town to get a different answer at a different branch. Or call multiple times to get a different answer from a different call center representative.

These forms of inconsistency are also inconvenient. And in a world of convenience, inconvenience is no longer allowable. Start training consistent behaviors now. Hold employees accountable with scorecards and prevent backsliding.

2. Give Off Some “Good Vibrations”

The Beach Boys are great at giving off a feeling of warmth and joy with their music. And just because you’re a financial institution doesn’t mean you can lack the same warmth and joy!

Even brands with more traditional banking cultures should emanate warmth. After all, no one says, “I want to go back there; it was so cold and uninviting!”

Yes, warmth means a smile. But it should also come from how you dress and talk to others. Be as personable as possible. That might mean losing the suit and tie, since people are more willing to talk to someone who looks less official.

But warmth isn’t only a smile or appearance. It’s an entire attitude of service. It’s providing product solutions to member or customer problems. It’s going the extra mile to help a consumer in need.

You might be thinking: “Isn’t that just sales?” No. With the right training, what is usually sales can become pure service.

3. Remember to Have “Fun, Fun, Fun”

Take a look at The Beach Boys performance in the above video. Doesn’t it look like everyone is having a blast (including the band)? You must ask yourself if your employees have fun executing your consumer experience.

After all, your members and customers are a fun group of people. Giving them a fun experience means you have fun too. People will come back over and over again for a fun time. Fun might mean a legendary photo wall, the best free snacks around or any other number of options.

Whatever you choose, don’t go overboard. There’s a fine line between fun and unprofessionalism you don’t want to cross.

It’s time to craft an experience people can’t get out of their heads. Book a free consumer experience consultation with On The Mark Strategies today, because excellence can’t wait.

Sean Galli
Marketing Coordinator
Sean Galli
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