Credit Union Training for Every Type of Resolution-Maker

Sean Galli
Credit Union Training for Every Type of Resolution-Maker

Welcome to 2024! And now that you arrived in the new year, it’s time to make some resolutions.

Many individuals have personal resolutions they create around this time of year, from going to the gym to reading more to saving money. Your institution probably has resolutions too…maybe including some credit union training initiatives for your staff. In both cases, these commitments tend to fall by the wayside as the year progresses. 

Don’t let that happen to you!

Find resolutions tailored to your personality and set yourself up for success. To help you out, here are types of resolution-makers and the credit union training options suited to them.


The Institution Ready for a New Style: Brand Training


It’s a new year. A new start. And your credit union might be ready to rebrand. As an institution, you’re going to carry yourself differently as you target different niches. You might get a new color scheme and aesthetic too. 

But none of it matters without employees committed to the rebrand. Without a firm brand understanding, your staff can drag you away from what’s in vogue and back to last year’s fashion. 

Incorporate branding into your credit union training initiatives to keep your people passionate about the brand.

Brand training answers these questions:

  • Why did you change the brand?
  • How do changes affect employee roles?
  • What tools do you need to promote the brand?


The Institution Wanting to Up Its Service Game: Consumer Experience Training


Do you feel like 2024 is your year to help more people? Empower yourself with consumer experience training!  

This form of credit union training fulfills your mission of aiding the community while also sustaining future growth. It provides members with better service…and it has major effects on your bottom line. That’s a win-win resolution.

The best way to conduct consumer experience training is:

  1. Create a comprehensive journey map
  2. Launch a program kick-off hype session
  3. Perform quarterly trainings to ensure the program functions correctly


The Institution Craving Self-Improvement: Leadership Training


Your institution might feel 2024 is the perfect time to improve itself and launch its people to stratospheric success. Credit union training focused on leadership is a great way to accomplish your goal.  

Doing so will put you in the small, five percent group of organizations implementing leadership training at all levels. Talk about a small group of resolution-keepers! It will also insulate you from the scourge of mergers and credit union failures resulting from poor leadership.

Some fantastic leadership training topics to get you started in 2024 include: 

  • Leading Through Change
  • Credit Union Growth Trends
  • Mindset
  • Accountability


The Institution with Little Time: Brand Training Videos


Maybe you already know you’re bad at sticking with resolutions. You’re concerned about committing to any credit union training program that’s too large. Or perhaps you simply lack the time or bandwidth to coordinate training.

Luckily, there are easy training options available that accommodate your limited time. Brand training videos are quick, two-to-three-minute tidbits that keep your credit union excited about living the brand.

Use credit union training videos to build your own impromptu training regimen by: 

  1. Sending the video out to the entire staff
  2. Arranging discussion groups
  3. Rewarding positive behavior learned from the videos

What type of resolution-maker are you? No matter which type of credit union training you prefer, On The Mark Strategies can help. Book a free consultation and don’t let your resolutions be forgotten.

Sean Galli
Marketing Coordinator