Effective Leaders Set; They Don’t Sit

Mark Arnold
Effective Leaders Set; They Don’t Sit

If you’ve ever watched a volleyball match, you know how fast paced they are. The ball going back and forth. Precise movements. Exceptional teamwork. And while spikes are powerful, there is one position that is key to success.

The setter. This position establishes the proper conditions for a successful spike.

It’s no different when it comes to leading credit unions and community banks. As an executive or manager, how you “set” things determines you and your team’s success.

You Set the Tone

Leaders are responsible for setting the tone within their organizations. “Tone” includes attitude, culture and values. Yes, all those “touchy-feely” things that truly matter and ultimately affect the bottom line.

As Brian Tracy says, “The more excited and committed you are to your work, the more excited and committed will be the people around you. The leaders always set the tone for the department or organization.”

If you are positive, your team is positive. If you are negative, your team is negative. If you are stressed, your team is stressed.

Effective leaders set the right tone by communicating clearly, encouraging open dialogue and fostering a sense of collaboration and respect among team members. They lead by example and embody the financial institution’s values.

You Set the Energy

Energy is contagious. Effective leaders radiate passion, optimism and drive. In fact, your energy can inspire those around you.

As Andy Stanley says, “The most important thing you bring your team is your energy.” Let that quote sink in: Stanley argues energy is THE most important attribute when it comes to setting up your team.

The challenge with many leaders is that energy can easily wane. You are juggling so many projects that you get tired and fade.

If you lack energy, you must find it. One of the best things a leader can do is get enough sleep. Sleep is a weapon. And sleep very much impacts you as a leader. Need more energy? Get more sleep.

You Set the Personality

Your team reflects you. It even reflects your personality. Every credit union, community bank and department has a personality. More than likely, that personality is similar to the leader’s personality.

Outgoing. Caring. Personal. Conscientious. Challenging. Laid-back. Loyal. You name it — there are hundreds of personality characteristics.

Here is a personal example. I’m very fast paced. I pretty much go, go, go all the time. My leadership style is often compared to a cheetah. But let’s be honest: my fast-paced personality isn’t always effective. It’s not realistic to expect those working with me to maintain that pace. So, there are times when I must recognize my natural bent and adjust accordingly.

Your personality is what it is. Knowing your personality tendencies helps you lead better.

As a leader, you want your team to succeed. But that doesn’t happen by osmosis. It takes action. It takes setting them up. So set the tone, set the energy and set the personality.

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Mark Arnold
Founder and CEO
Mark Arnold