Five Graphic Design Best Practices from a Credit Union Marketing Agency

Sean Galli
Five Graphic Design Best Practices from a Credit Union Marketing Agency

“One picture is worth a thousand words.” – Fred R. Barnard


Your imagery says as much about you as your copy does. The style. The fonts. The arrangement of objects. It all relays important messages to members or prospective members about who you are.

As a result, bad imagery likely means losing business. A picture can say a thousand negative words just as easily as it can say a thousand positive ones. Graphic design must positively impact and connect with the viewer to attract them.

Of course, it’s easy to talk about having great imagery. It’s harder to put it into practice.

Let’s look at five credit union marketing agency graphic design best practices and go over how each impacts your audience.


1. Get Organized – Credit union marketing agency designers prioritize organization and planning before constructing imagery…and you should too. File storage is a good start. It sounds mundane, but it’ll help you avoid confusion. Organize your file storage system and the artwork within your file. Then, consider emphasis. Outline information needed on the design from most to least important prior to designing. You’ll have a working guide to ensure you visually highlight the most vital information before moving to priority two.


2. Ditch the Clutter – Empty space is a good thing. To work like a credit union marketing agency, realize you don’t need to fill every space. In fact, filling too much space makes your design look cluttered and unappealing. Empty space draws the eye to specific elements in the design or separates one idea from another on the image.


3. Balance Your Design – Credit union marketing agency designers know an appealing image has equilibrium. Symmetry provides balance by placing equal elements on opposite sides of a center line. But balance isn’t restricted to the use of symmetry. Asymmetry can still have balance if you weigh multiple small elements on one side against one large element on the other side.


4. Use Contrast – Great designs “pop.” That’s a result of contrast. On a basic level, your foreground visuals need a far different color than your background to achieve this effect. But you can also use fonts to create contrast, with one strong font presenting significant information and a weaker font showing less important text. Credit union marketing agency designers often use this technique to create eye-catching, powerful images…so don’t underestimate it in your own work!


5. Just Start Designing – This point is more philosophical than technical. In the same way you’d tell a struggling writer to just start writing, sometimes just starting to design helps you iron out any mental blocks. Let your creativity flow to produce your best work. As On The Mark Strategies Graphic Designer Jonathan Machen says, “Put some thought in, but don't overthink it - overthinking can suffocate creativity.” Some of the best credit union marketing agency designs emerge from this freeform innovation– don’t discount it in your own designs!


Of course, you may simply not have time to design for yourself (even with these tips). You can still have great imagery with aid from On The Mark Strategies. We provide the credit union marketing agency experience you need to impact members and potential members.

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Sean Galli
Marketing Coordinator