Five Must-Read Industry Articles From 2022 (So Far)

Sean Galli
Five Must-Read Industry Articles From 2022 (So Far)

These days, your credit union or community bank can’t afford to fall behind. And reading industry news is a key ingredient to staying in the loop.

Of course, that’s easier said than done. You barely have time to perform your own duties, let alone add extra reading to the mix. And what articles are a good use of your time anyway? 

To help you save time while staying up to date, we’ve curated the five most important industry articles we’ve read this year.


1. “10 Vital CX Tips for Banks and Credit Unions”


This article discusses member experience, but not just any member experience – digital member experience. More and more consumers engage your brand via online banking or mobile apps, so these platforms must run smoothly. Start here to learn some great strategies!


2. “Walmart Headed for ‘Dominance’ in Checking”


Your checking business might seem safe enough…but it’s not. Walmart uses perks like higher overdraft caps to open 9,000 checking accounts per day! Learn about the newest threat to your business in this article.


3. “If Your Credit Union Wants a Future, Plan for It”


What’s your succession plan? It’s a question many credit unions struggle with these days, and it’s one desperately needing an answer if you’re going to survive. As NCUA Chairman Todd Harper points out in this article, small credit unions without succession plans are the ones most easily merged out of existence.


4. “What Gen Z and Millennials Want From Banks: 5 Key Insights”


Get younger, get younger, get younger – it’s a common mantra of credit union and community bank leaders. But how do you actually do it? Well, you need to understand younger generations’ needs if you ever hope to satisfy those needs. Read this article to understand some Millennial and Gen Z pain points your marketing can target.


5. “How Your Credit Union Can Gain Social Media Followers”


Social media vexes many credit union leaders.It’s a tool you know is useful, if only you knew how to use it. Luckily, this article teaches you the hallmarks of great social media strategy necessary to gain followers.

We hope you find the time to read these articles and get caught up on industry news! If you don’t want to go looking for articles like this, our newsletter – “The Marked For Success Minute” – delivers industry advice right to your inbox every week. Scroll to the bottom of this page and signup today!


Sean Galli
Marketing Coordinator