Full Plate? Divvy Up Your Credit Union Marketing

Sean Galli
Full Plate? Divvy Up Your Credit Union Marketing

You can almost smell it…the turkey, the stuffing, the pumpkin pie. All things you want to weigh down your plate. But before you get to feast, your plate is full of something else – work.

And sometimes, your credit union marketing work seems endless. There’s always another promotion, another social media post and another ad placement. Of course, that’s not even mentioning your marketing strategy. 

It’s time to divide and conquer.

How? Let’s go over a couple ways to divvy up your credit union marketing.


Do More of What Matters


Before throwing money at your workload woes, recognize your bandwidth problem may really be a prioritization problem. You don’t necessarily need more time and resources. You might just need to reallocate them.

Not every credit union marketing task is worth doing. Find the most effective tactics and focus on those. Doing more for the sake of doing more isn’t fruitful. Your time is better spent doing less of what matters rather than more of what doesn’t.

Common credit union marketing resource wasters include: 

  • Posting to a social media platform your niche doesn’t care about
  • Running a campaign for something your members don’t want
  • Doing something you’ve always done without reassessing it


Make a Priority List


There are only so many hours in a day. You’ll never finish everything…especially if you’re a one-person team. Make a priority list and accomplish the top three priorities every day.

Feel free to break up large projects into smaller, more manageable daily priorities.

Small victories are still victories. Don’t let a heavy credit union marketing workload paralyze you. Get something done (even if it seems tiny at the time).


Separate Strategy and Tactics


Don’t let tactics eat strategy or vice versa. You need a delicate balance of both sides of credit union marketing to find success. There are a couple ways to find the equilibrium:

  • Hire marketing personnel
  • Do the marketing two-step 

First, hiring a marketing coordinator (or multiple employees) to execute tactical pieces while your marketing director drives strategy is a great solution if you have the resources. Putting both functions on one person leads to burnout or incomplete marketing efforts. Delegating some of the work to another teammate generates more holistic results.

Of course, hiring more than one marketing person isn’t realistic for many institutions. That’s when you do the credit union marketing two-step. What’s that?  

  1. Quick strategic thinking – Think before tactical work. Nail down your targets and end goals. Ensure you’re using the best medium. Never do something simply because you’ve always done it.
  2. Execute the tactic – Knowing your strategy, you can now create a better marketing piece. 

Strategic thinking before each piece takes some extra time, but it’s worth it. Getting your priority work done well is better than trying to get everything done at an average level.


Find a Trustworthy Partner


Another option for divvying up your marketing is partnering with an experienced credit union marketing agency. These consultants are often cheaper than multiple full-time employees while giving you access to a broad skillset.

Let your partner do the grunt work while you focus on critical strategic issues. And even better…they might help you on the critical issues too!

Book a free consultation with On The Mark Strategies to discuss a regular marketing partnership. We handle marketing tasks large and small, giving you less time to stress and more time to do what matters.

Sean Galli
Marketing Coordinator