Fun Holiday-Themed Marketing Ideas

Sean Galli
Fun Holiday-Themed Marketing Ideas

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…especially for credit union or community bank marketers! Why?  

Because the holidays provide the perfect backdrop for creative promotions and clever angles on your usual products. Everything you do can become a little merrier, a little brighter or a part of someone’s New Year’s resolutions.

So, let’s take a look at fun marketing ideas to put your members or customers in the holiday spirit.


Put a Twist on Debt Consolidation


You might be thinking, “What does debt consolidation have to do with the holidays?” A lot, actually.

More than 40% of holiday shoppers expect to go into debt this season. In 2021, each person spent $1,131 on average and many people were still paying off debt by February 2022. Your debt consolidation loans can potentially offer a lower interest rate and make all that debt easier to pay off.

Now, how does your credit union or community bank make it fun?

First, think of some fun copy - “Holiday Recovery Loan,” “One More Gift for You,” “New Year’s Rate Relief” or “New Year, Less Debt” are a few ideas. Next, create imagery targeting consumers’ pain points and showcasing your solution.

Maybe do a before and after image. The before portion shows a stack of bills, crowned with a Santa cap and labeled “Before Your Holiday Recovery Loan.” The after portion shows one bill labeled “After Your Holiday Recovery Loan.”


Celebrate the Season of Giving


Tis’ the season for generosity, and it’d be a mistake not to show off yours. Socially responsible companies were important to 71% of consumers, so don’t shy away from your local institution’s community mission.

One way to publicize this mission is to start a #SeasonofGiving social media campaign. Did you donate 300 toys to Operation Santa Claus? Post about it. How about volunteering at the Salvation Army? Show your audience.

You can even give back directly to your members. For example, Allied FCU ran a “Letters to Santa” program this year. Members wrote letters asking for specific gifts, and the credit union bought gifts for one member at each branch.

But maybe it’s too late to do a Christmas event at your credit union or community bank. So, try a New Year’s event instead! Make a “Resolution Helper” program, where you’ll buy something to help with four random consumers’ New Year’s resolutions.


Promote Financial Fitness


Speaking of New Year’s resolutions, many people put health and fitness at the top of their lists. In fact, 50% of people say exercising more is their top resolution.

Of course, fitness is more than push-ups and calorie counting. Overall well-being includes financial health – something you can help provide to your members or customers. How?

Doing a content marketing piece on the ever popular “52-Week Savings Challenge” is a good idea. You could also encourage consumers to “lose their heavy costs” with “Rate Watchers.” Tell them you’re watching the rates rise and have lower rates to keep them on track during 2023.

Do you need more ideas? If so, the On The Mark Strategies team is ready to inject more creativity into your marketing and get you results in 2023. Book a free consultation to get started with our marketing services team today.

Sean Galli
Marketing Coordinator
Sean Galli
Remember to Link Bank or Credit Union Vision to Action

Remember to Link Bank or Credit Union Vision to Action

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