Here's What Makes On The Mark Strategies' Consumer Experience Training Different

Sean Galli
Here's What Makes On The Mark Strategies' Consumer Experience Training Different

There are plenty of community bank and credit union consumer experience training options out there nowadays. But not all of them provide the same value. 

Many are off-the-shelf, cookie cutter options that don’t cater to your institution’s unique brand fingerprint. Others offer a bit more customization, but they don’t stick around for the long haul. On The Mark Strategies’ consumer experience training is different than both these camps. 

Here are five reasons On The Mark Strategies provides the best consumer experience solutions in the industry:


1. Operationalize Your Unique Brand Fingerprint


Even before conducting training with your staff, an On The Mark Strategies facilitator meets with your team to create a journey map. This journey map operationalizes your brand, or (in other words) translates your institution’s personality into something usable on the service level. It’s completely customized to you. 

You decide on your greetings, behaviors, wow factors, performance measurement and more at the journey mapping session. You even name your community bank or credit union consumer experience training program. No program looks like another one…making it a true differentiator for you.


2. Refresh Staff with Consistent Training


Following journey map creation, your facilitator leads the consumer experience program kick-off and ongoing training. “Ongoing training” doesn’t just mean 60 minutes every once in a while. It means quarterly or monthly training to regularly refresh your staff. 

The truth is: your staff becomes complacent without consistent community bank or credit union consumer experience training. Initial excitement for the program fades, and your service standards slide. On The Mark Strategies’ training regimen ensures you have a program built to last.

Southwest Financial FCU CEO Melanie Kennedy had this to say about the training:

“This program has truly transformed our approach to connecting and fostering stronger relationships with our members.  On The Mark Strategies’ expertise and interactive approach energizes our team and keeps them engaged. As a result, we are able to put our core values into action.”


3. Prevent Backsliding with Living The Brand Videos


On The Mark Strategies’ monthly Living The Brand video series reinvigorates your team and reinforces the facilitator-led trainings. These videos are only three-to-four minutes, meaning your team doesn’t get bored. But they’re also chock-full of tips to help staff execute your program effectively.

Simple monthly reminders help prevent employees backsliding into their old way of doing things. And you can build off the videos with follow-up discussion groups (some clients find this very effective).

Watch a trailer for Living The Brand below:


4. Achieve Holistic Growth with an Extensive Content Library


Maintaining service excellence is a process spanning months (or even years). You need enough fresh learning material to form your team into experience masters. On The Mark Strategies has more than 70 modules to keep your community bank or credit union consumer experience training engaging.


5. Grow Beyond with Complementary Training Options


There’s more to your institution than how staff deliver customer or member experience. In fact, your brand’s success largely depends on how well managers and executives lead the organization.  

On The Mark Strategies offers community bank and credit union leadership training that complements the consumer experience well. Turn your managers into mentors and redefine your institution’s future by preparing your bench. 

Get a community bank or credit union consumer experience program suited to continuous growth. Book a free consultation today to discuss starting your own customized service program.

Sean Galli
Marketing Coordinator