How to Win an Academy Award With Your Marketing

Mark Arnold
How to Win an Academy Award With Your Marketing

The Academy Awards are this weekend, and it’s a good time to think about what makes award-winning marketing. This year for film, “West Side Story,” “Encanto” and “Dune” are just some of the potential award winners this year.

But Oscar winners aren’t just great movies. They’re also great lessons any credit union or community bank marketer can appreciate.

An award-winning movie captures the audience’s attention from start to finish and leaves them wanting more. Your marketing should do the same.

Here’s how to craft award-winning marketing that sweeps every award and keeps your audience on the edge of their seats.

Make Emotional Connections to Win “Best Music”

Have you ever watched a movie without music? It’s a pretty boring experience.

Take “Jaws” for instance (which won Best Music in 1976). Its iconic soundtrack makes you more and more nervous the longer it continues. But without it? No anxiety, fear or emotion. Click here to see for yourself.

Your marketing needs to have an emotional effect if it wants viewers’ attention.

Modern consumers want to connect with their favorite brands. Audiences want brands which share their beliefs, ask for their ideas and relate to them. Most importantly, they want human brands.

Try using TikTok to reveal your staff members’ funny sides. Or use Facebook posts to showcase member success stories. Use emotion to spice up your everyday marketing.

Craft Catchy Quotes to Win “Best Writing”

Without good writing, we wouldn’t have the catchy movie quotes we all love. Think of all the great lines from “The Godfather” (winner of Best Writing in 1973) we would’ve lost without talented writers behind the cameras.

Write your own “Godfather lines.” Create simple, clear, repeatable copy consumers will automatically memorize.

Put your taglines on people’s tongues, and make sure your taglines address consumers’ problems. For example, San Diego County Credit Union has the slogan “It’s Not Big Bank Banking. It’s Better.” This line is catchy and understands how big banks frustrate some consumers.

If your brand is clear and instantly recognizable, it won’t “sleep with the fishes.”

Develop Superior Strategy to Win “Best Directing”

Steven Spielberg is a legendary director. His work, which includes “E.T.,” ''Indiana Jones,” “Saving Private Ryan” and more, earned him 32 Oscars! His movie “West Side Story” earned him nominations this year too.

How does Spielberg do it?

He has a creative vision and consistently maintains it throughout filming. Your credit union or community bank must follow Spielberg’s lead. Develop a winning strategic plan to give your marketing direction.

Set focused, attainable goals. Follow through on those goals. One goal brilliantly achieved is better than five goals half completed.

That being said, don’t use just one marketing tip mentioned above. Put it all together! The movies winning “Best Picture” do everything right. Make sure the Oscar goes to…you!

Mark Arnold
Founder and CEO