Is Your Credit Union Website Missing the Mark?

Sean Galli
Is Your Credit Union Website Missing the Mark?

Your website is one of the most important parts of your bank or credit union. It’s at least as vital as your branches. In the eyes of younger consumers, it’s far more essential – your website is the first place they go to experience your brand.

But many bank and credit union websites miss the mark (pun intended). How? Let’s find out.

#1: The 90s Called…They Want Their Website Back!

Websites need a redesign every two to three years. Yet, some institutions wait forever to update an old website. Make no mistake: you’re not saving money by keeping a dated website. You’re losing it.

When consumers see an outdated bank or credit union website, they immediately go somewhere else. Old websites lose you far more money than they save you. If you’d spend millions of dollars on a new branch, don’t fear spending thousands on a new website.

#2: The Online Brochure

Even the best-looking websites can fall into the trap of becoming an online brochure. No real interactivity. No connection. Just a pretty place to see your list of services.

Give consumers a reason to visit your bank or credit union website. Provide resources and calculators they can use to guide their financial decisions. Yes, your services will be on your website…but don’t let those be all that’s on your website.

#3: Digital Hide-and-Seek

Where do I apply for a loan? What are the membership requirements? Where are your branches? These are all questions your members or customers don’t want to ask, so don’t make them play hide-and-seek on your bank or credit union website.

Make everything as clear as possible. Put your “apply now” or “open an account” buttons in the top center and top right of each page. Include all necessary information in your copy to prevent confusion. Ensure menu options stand out against the page’s background.

#4: Mobile Misfortune

A fantastic desktop website can look bad on mobile, and that’s a major problem. After all, more than 55% of web traffic comes from phones!

Optimize your bank or credit union website for mobile users. Size your site to fit the tinier screen, and create menus that responsively appear. The last thing you want is the consumer swiping all over a desktop-sized page, getting increasingly frustrated with you.

#5: The Wasteland

A website begins its life with tons of valuable information. But like a new car driving off the lot, the information’s value rapidly depreciates. Fail to update your site regularly, and you’ll have an information wasteland on your hands.

Remember: your bank or credit union website is a living creature…it should constantly change. Frequent updates keep the site fresh for users while improving your SEO. It also means you can run time-limited promotions based around current economic conditions.

Does your bank or credit union website fall into any of these categories? If so, book a free consultation with On The Mark Strategies today. We’ll help you build a digital branch your consumers will love.

Sean Galli
Marketing Coordinator