Knowing Yourself is Key

Mark Arnold
Knowing Yourself is Key

Aristotle famously said, "Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom."

Do you know your credit union or community bank?

What Aristotle refers to is self-introspection. It's the exercise of looking at yourself from the outside to learn, evolve and improve the way you currently are.

Introspection is important for individuals. That's true, but it's also equally important for credit unions and community banks that also want to learn, evolve and improve.

Here's the challenge in "knowing" your organization: we get wrapped up in the daily rigors of the job.

There's a never-ending flurry of meetings and phone calls. You must address those things, but they make it difficult for us to look at your financial institution from the outside. As a result, it's almost impossible to offer an honest assessment of what's working well and what could be better.

If "knowing" your organization is so important, how do you do it?

A marketing assessment is a tool that empowers credit union and community bank leaders to think introspectively. When partnering with On The Mark Strategies on a marketing assessment, your financial institution will learn an amazing amount of "know yourself" material including where you can:

  • Save time
  • Focus your energy and bandwidth
  • Stop losing money on unprofitable initiatives
  • Accelerate your financial institution into the new normal

If knowing yourself is indeed the beginning of all wisdom, then knowing your credit union or community bank better with a marketing assessment is the beginning of a terrific new future.

Mark Arnold
Founder and CEO