Logos and Taglines and Brands…Oh My!

Mark Arnold
Logos and Taglines and Brands…Oh My!

Oh my indeed! These three words are simple to understand on the surface, but they’re as deep as an ocean once you put them into practice. You might be thinking, “How are some fancy visuals or catchy lines complicated?”

And that’s exactly the point! Your brand’s true impact is easy to underestimate.

The truth is - your credit union or community bank’s brand is more than a cool design, nice font and pleasing color palate. Each brand element sends an important message. Everything related to your brand tells consumers about who you are.

Let’s dive deeper and figure out how different brand elements communicate your identity to consumers.


Your Logo Is More Than a Pretty Face


A logo is an important part of your brand, but not because it’s a beautiful image. As resident logo expert and On The Mark Strategies Brand Director Jim Foley says: 

“The logo really needs to capture the brand essence of the institution. It needs to have a story to it and stand out from competitors. It needs to embody the institution through its graphic symbolism, its font and colors.”

So, every part of your logo connects back to your credit union or community bank’s unique character. This means you get to preserve important parts of your history within your logo.

For example, we recently helped Zia Credit Union refresh the institution’s logo during their rebranding process. Jim’s design kept the core of the old logo’s “Zia Sun” - an important symbol to the credit union’s New Mexico community - while modernizing its look.

Keep in mind: Zia’s new logo kept its timeless symbol. It renovated the house; it didn’t build a completely new one. Don’t let your new logo emerge from a fad or temporary stylistic trend.

A truly great logo should stand the test of time.


Your Tagline Conveys Your Value


A tagline isn’t just some sweet-sounding copy used to sell a brand. It’s a short description of the value you provide to the consumer.

Think of some of the world’s most famous taglines and the messages they communicate. Disneyland tells customers they receive a joy-filled experience at the park with “The happiest place on earth.” Walmart highlights their bargain prices with “Save money. Live better.” And Kentucky Fried Chicken markets its delicious meals with “Finger lickin’ good.”

To give consumers the best message possible, your credit union or community bank’s tagline should:

  • Use only a few words
  • Be easy to understand
  • Be memorable
  • Have timeless qualities (like your logo)
  • Leave a positive impression

 That last bullet is especially important. If you’re not giving consumers a positive impression, it’s time to rethink your brand messaging.


Your Brand is Everything


Yes, it’s everything in both meanings of the word!

Your brand means everything when it comes to performing well in the marketplace, and it’s the summit of your entire consumer experience. According to Jim: 

“A logo and slapping it on everything is not a brand. A brand manifests itself in the consumer experience – the colors in our lobby, the way we answer the phone, the way our employees dress, the graphics used in our ads and the way we navigate our website.” 

To sum it up, your brand is your credit union or community bank’s unique personality and distinctive soul. Understand your selling proposition and differentiators. Run those messages through every aspect of your organization. Have a “why” behind everything (and the “why” can’t be “it looks cool”).

Make sure your brand gives a reason for your existence, and consumers will help it continue to exist.

Does your brand need a more meaningful, strategic focus? Book a free consultation to discuss how On The Mark strategies can help refresh your logo or messaging.

Mark Arnold
Founder and CEO