Logos You Love…and What They Say About Credit Union Logo Development

Sean Galli
Logos You Love…and What They Say About Credit Union Logo Development

It’s true, your brand is more than a logo. But a great logo is still important.

Your logo is a visual representation of who you are. When consumers see it, they see the way you do business. Your logo makes you instantly recognizable to those who know you, and it sparks interest in those who don’t know you.

So, what goes into an incredible logo? Let’s review some classic logos from other industries and see what lessons they have for the bank and credit union logo development process.

1. Apple

Since 1977, Apple has kept its iconic logo fairly consistent (besides some color changes). The logo is…well…an apple, but with a bite out of it. If you recognize the fruit, you instantly know the company name. The logo’s monotone color allows the freedom to add more vibrant design elements when necessary.

Lessons: Value simplicity and adaptability during your bank or credit union logo development. The simpler your logo design, the easier it is for people to recognize and remember you. Removing complexity also grants flexibility to alter your logo for special occasions and catch consumers’ attention.

Look at the logo we did for Foothills Credit Union to see a design that is simple to understand and relates to the institution’s name.

2. Starbucks

Unlike Apple, you could argue Starbucks has a more complex logo. The figure in the logo is a mermaid (or a siren) meant to represent both the old maritime culture of Seattle and the lure of good coffee. White contrasts with the green to create a serene, pleasing image.

Lessons: Don’t forget your history and humanity during bank or credit union logo development. Being a modern brand doesn’t mean forgetting your roots; it means presenting your history in a modern way.

You must also emotionally connect with consumers. Use relevant colors (for example, green means peace) or human imagery in a logo to help people relate to your image.

First Watch CU implements this advice, with sunrise imagery relating to the first shift for their original healthcare-related membership base. They use multiple colors to communicate openness to a diverse community.

3. Southwest Airlines

The Southwest Airlines logo is a heart split into desert gold, red and blue. Ultimately, it connects to the company’s values. The heart represents love and hospitality toward passengers, and the color selection signals diversity – an important reference to their mission of democratizing the skies.

Lesson: Use your values to inform bank or credit union logo development. If your values are why you exist and serve members, they deserve to shine through your logo.

The logo we created for Wellspring CU displays a budding plant, a reflection of the credit union’s desire to create abundance for their members.

Are you ready to say something meaningful with your visuals? Create an attention-getting logo today. Book a free consultation with On The Mark Strategies to get started.

Sean Galli
Marketing Coordinator