Make a Sizzle Reel That Spices Things Up

Sean Galli

Videos are today’s most wonderful marketing tool…as long as they’re exciting. And some of the most exciting videos out there are sizzle reels.

What’s a sizzle reel?

It’s a short video designed to excite your audience about something new, whether that’s a name change or product debut. You could also call this a “hype reel.” For a quick example, take a look at this sizzle reel Disney released for “Andor” prior to its premiere.

If your credit union or community bank wants to make an exciting sizzle real, there are three things you should know:

1. Choose Music Wisely

Music isn’t just a filler in your sizzle reel – it’s a necessity.

Viewers want a combination of compelling visuals and audio in your videos, a fact proven by the 81% of marketers whose best performing videos include music. Their videos perform well because music strikes emotional chords and adds rhythm to your imagery. How does this work in practice?

Firstly, avoid sad melodies in your sizzle reels. Sizzle reels are supposed to excite viewers, so focus on upbeat or fast-paced music. Remember, music instantly tells viewers how they should feel. You don’t want potential members or customers feeling sad when they see your brand.

Secondly, time your imagery with the music. If the music is upbeat, quickly move between images. Look back at that “Andor” reel, and you’ll notice they use this exact tactic.

2. Seek a Cinematic Feel

There’s a time and place for organic, quick video clips. This isn’t it.

Your credit union or community bank’s sizzle reel needs a professional, cinematic feel to capture the audience’s attention about what’s coming next. This is your chance to instill confidence about the quality of your upcoming project and make a lasting impression.

On The Mark Strategies Digital Marketing Coordinator Wesley Odom had this to say about creating a cinematic sizzle reel:

“For branding or shots of any static items, I’d recommend using slow-mo and adding some movement to your shots. Slow motion will make your shots much more steady and cinematic.”

So, make something that makes potential members or customers go “wow.” Make something akin to a movie trailer…but this time, your brand is the star.

3. Tell a Compelling Story

Perfect music and cinematic imagery mean nothing without a compelling story.

Let’s return to the “Andor” sizzle reel. What’s the story? It’s that the new show explores possibilities in a similar way to a “Star Wars” film. It’s more like a movie than a TV show.

Viewers want a story about your product solving their problems or your brand impacting their lives. Don’t dispose of substance for the sake of style. Don’t replace great copy with great audio-visual clips.

Combine a well-written story with great music and imagery to create a sizzle reel your potential members or customers will remember.

If you need some help, our video team can produce beautiful, story-driven sizzle reels you’ll be proud to show your viewers. Book a free consultation and start filming!

Sean Galli
Sean Galli

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