Make Bank and Credit Union Marketing Snackable

Sean Galli
Make Bank and Credit Union Marketing Snackable

There’s nothing quite like a Thanksgiving feast. The turkey, the potatoes, the stuffing, the cranberry sauce, the sides – your mouth waters just thinking about it!

But your bank and credit union marketing is a bit different than a holiday spread. There’s a lot to do, and gorging yourself on everything at once leaves you sick rather than satisfied. It’s time to take your marketing piece by piece.

In other words, make it snackable!

Here’s a breakdown of your bank or credit union marketing into easily chewable portions.

1. Copy

People don’t love reading large amounts of copy anymore, but it’s still vital to successful bank or credit union marketing efforts. Copy-driven marketing includes:

  • Blog posts
  • Newsletters
  • Brochures

Pick what you can do consistently and do it. Consistency is key when pursuing a content marketing strategy. Start simply and simply start. Articles don’t have to be long or the most brilliant things ever written. Just provide value to the reader.

But even if it’s not a copy-centered piece, your marketing likely starts with copy. A graphic design begins with a headline to inspire the visuals. Campaigns use a couple key taglines.

Snackable Takeaway: Begin your bank and credit union marketing process with smart, unpretentious copy.

2. Graphics

Ideas need visual expression (especially nowadays). Design imagery that is both:

  • Consistent with your core idea/copy
  • Eye-catching and powerful

Use bank and credit union marketing graphic design best practices to create something attractive to the eye. Visually execute on the written idea, and you’ll have the second necessary element of many marketing pieces (buckslips, flyers, social media posts, etc.).

Snackable Takeaway: Expand on your copy-driven idea with appealing visuals you can use across multiple mediums.

3.  Social Media

Social media posts bring your copy and graphics execution together (in a small way). But social media is frequently a misunderstood part of bank and credit union marketing. Some quick tips to lift the fog:

  • Post multiple times per week and stick to it (consistency is key again)
  • Use questions and contests to engage the audience
  • Vary your posts; don’t only do product promos -  be social!

You can’t treat social media like every other part of your marketing. People want to connect with you on social platforms more than they want to buy something.

Snackable Takeaway: Resist the urge to throw social media in with every other medium. Give it the time it deserves.

4. Campaigns

Campaigns are both the origin and the culmination of other portions of your bank and credit union marketing. Here’s how:

  • Origin – Creating campaigns involves strategy and choosing services to drive whatever collaterals you need to achieve the goal.
  • Culmination – A successful campaign requires execution of copy, graphics and social media.

Not every marketing piece is part of a campaign. But every campaign requires marketing pieces.

Snackable Takeaway: Remember to think strategically when constructing a campaign prior to diving into the other three marketing areas.

Very few marketers are masters of all four areas, but that’s why there’s help available. On The Mark Strategies offers snackable marketing aid to help you out with any individual area at a more affordable monthly cost.

Keep the tasks you excel at and delegate the other ones to us. Book a free consultation now to make your bank and credit union marketing more manageable.

Sean Galli
Marketing Coordinator