Marketing Lessons from Star Wars

Sean Galli
Marketing Lessons from Star Wars

May the 4th be with you! That’s right everybody…it’s Star Wars Day!

No matter what era you prefer (prequels, originals or sequels), you can’t argue with the immense cultural impact of this cinematic giant. One reason the movies are so impactful are their unforgettable quotes and relatable themes.

And yes, you guessed it, some of these themes apply to marketing your credit union or community bank.

So, let’s celebrate Star Wars while learning a marketing tip or two at the same time. Here are some marketing lessons inspired by your favorite moments from a galaxy far, far away:

  • “Do or do not. There is no try.” (Yoda, Episode V) – When it comes to marketing, the only answer is “do.” No marketing means no business. However, individual elements of your marketing need more consideration about whether to do them or not. For example, a blog is only effective if you “do” it (that is, regularly update it). If you simply “try” without fully committing, you wind up with a stale blog that signals inactivity to website visitors. Don’t commit to something you can’t regularly update.

  • “Your focus determines your reality.” (Qui-Gon Jinn, Episode I) – Are you putting your marketing dollars in the right places? Do you have a large enough marketing budget in general? Don’t expect stellar marketing if you don’t make it a focus of your institution. Focus on marketing and focus it on the right niches if you want to make growth your reality. Speaking of niches…

  • “These aren’t the droids you’re looking for.” (Obi-Wan Kenobi, Episode IV) – Marketing problems are sometimes niche problems. In other words, you’re sending messages to the wrong people (a.k.a looking for the wrong droids). You have to be specific about who you’re targeting…very specific. “Gen Z” isn’t good enough – there are Gen Z high schoolers, college students and homeowners. Your marketing will change depending on the niche.

  • “Be careful not to choke on your aspirations, Director.” (Darth Vader, Rogue One) – Not doing enough is certainly a danger. But so is doing too much. Promoting too many loans at one time may leave consumers unsure of where to go. You also don’t want to make promises your credit union or community bank can’t operationally fulfill. In the worst cases, unrealistic aspirations will drown you, leaving you burnt-out and cynical.

  • “The greatest teacher, failure is.” (Yoda, Episode VIII) – Not every marketing strategy or tactic you try is going to work. That’s ok! You will learn something invaluable to make the next webpage, newsletter or campaign better. Performing a marketing assessment to discover your current pitfalls is another great way to learn and improve your marketing.

Are you ready to learn the current successes and pitfalls of your marketing? Book a free consultation with our Jedi Masters at On The Mark Strategies. We’ll help show you the ways of the marketer.

Sean Galli
Marketing Coordinator