Structure Your Community Bank and Credit Union Marketing Like a Flower

Sean Galli
Structure Your Community Bank and Credit Union Marketing Like a Flower

It’s one of the most beautiful times of year. Patches of green are sprouting back up, and vibrant blossoms are signaling an end to their long winter rest. The most well-kept gardens are sights to behold…they can’t help but to attract attention.

Your community bank and credit union marketing is like the flower of the institution. Tend to it well, and it attracts the attention you seek.

Here’s how to structure your marketing like a flower and stimulate institutional growth.

The Roots

The roots of your marketing flower is your marketing strategy. Sounds simple enough, but 50% of small and medium businesses don’t have a marketing strategy. Without a community bank and credit union marketing strategy, you lack direction and purpose.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Who are you targeting?
  • Why are you promoting that product or service?
  • Why now?
  • What’s the end goal?

Have these strategic objectives in mind as you construct each campaign, and incorporate them into some type of yearly plan or calendar. Write it out. List three-to-five strategies, the business goals they accomplish and some tactics underneath each strategy.

The Leaves

A flower’s leaves capture sunlight and carbon dioxide, helping to make energy for the plant. The leaves of your community bank and credit union marketing are its data collection processes and SEO.

Collecting data on geographic markets, demographic details and how niches use your services fuels successful marketing campaigns. Data on past marketing efforts provides insights into what works and what doesn’t work. Knowledge really is power.

SEO energizes your marketing as well. According to the American Bankers Association, SEO and SEM gave financial marketers some of the best ROI. Optimizing your website’s searchability opens doors for consumers to view your marketing content. Methods like retargeting ensure your creative follows a visitor and engages them beyond one interaction.

The Petals

The roots and leaves of your community bank or credit union marketing flower are essential to its success, but they don’t attract consumers. The lovely petals – your creative – attracts consumers.

80% of marketers say copy and graphics are vital to a promotion’s success. Creative elements drive up to 70% of someone’s decision to use your services. So, getting your creative wrong has disastrous results for marketing effectiveness.

Craft clear and concise copy. Ensure your imagery is eye-catching and consistent with the copy. Make videos interesting and emotionally impactful.

Those are only a few tips to help with excellent creative marketing. Remember to assess your current marketing if you feel like creative is letting you down.

Care for the Flower

Even the most well-constructed community bank and credit union marketing flowers die without proper care. Keep your marketing (and institution) on a growth trajectory by:

  • Allocating Resources – A flower can’t survive without water, and your marketing won’t last without money. Supply marketing with the necessary budget to accomplish your goals.
  • Weed Out the Bad – Weeds choke flowerbeds, and you have some strangling your marketing too. Find those blatantly bad elements and address them before they hurt your growth.

Having a tough time cultivating something beautiful? The creative marketing gardeners at On The Mark Strategies can help by assessing your current materials or partnering with you on a regular basis. Book a free consultation now.

Sean Galli
Marketing Coordinator