Targeting Star Wars Personas with Your Bank and Credit Union Marketing

Sean Galli
Targeting Star Wars Personas with Your Bank and Credit Union Marketing

Understanding your market and targeting the right people is key to success. You can’t be all things to all people, so you must limit your scope and focus on consumers receptive to your message. Personas are incredibly helpful when narrowing down your niches.

According to Ardath Albee, a persona is "a composite sketch of a key segment of your audience."

Of course, real personas require market research and core data analysis to ensure these sketches are true to your unique consumer base. But for now, let’s have some fun and see how some of your favorite "Star Wars" characters like to bank (and how to market to them).

And who knows? You might even find some similarities to your actual personas, empowering you to make your community bank and credit union marketing impressive…most impressive.

1. Yoda

The Boomer of the Jedi world, Yoda has many years (and pearls of wisdom) under his belt. He’s most interested in easily accessing his vast store of resources and passing his wealth onto the next generation of Jedi. How do you target him?

Promote the ease of direct deposits into his checking account from retirement savings. If you have a college savings account…er…Jedi Academy account, he might want to leave a legacy that way for those who follow.

2. Obi-Wan Kenobi (Prequel Trilogy)

This seasoned Jedi is a master of defense, making him cautious with his resources. At the same time, he’s much younger than Yoda and still caring for a rebellious Jedi Padawan. You could compare him to a Gen Xer burned in the 2008 recession who’s still supporting children.

Since Kenobi wants a safe way to grow his resources, you could offer a money market account or maybe a high-interest IRA. His age means he is still in the market for loans, although this may look more like home equity loans or car/speeder loans for Anakin.

3. Darth Vader

Vader is also a Gen Xer, but he’s very different than Kenobi. He has a passion for…uh…(clears throat) "aggressive acquisition." The Sith Lord travels from place to place searching for ways to grow his resources as fast as possible. Securing his loyalty will be challenging.

High CD rates lure the money-flush Vader in, but he moves on once the term is over. You need to strike at the heart to change him. Crafting a brand he falls in love with is key to prevent further gallivanting around the financial galaxy.

4. Rey

Rey is part of the next generation, one that values authenticity and freedom. Causes are especially important to Rey (especially the fight against First Order tyranny). But she’s also trying to build something new and needs resources to do it.

Sincere marketing and frictionless service are important when appealing to Rey. She looks at your organizational values, so highlight how your institution fights the evils of selfishness by serving the community. Lastly, she needs loans to build her life. This is the prime time for auto loans and home loans as she matures.

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Sean Galli
Marketing Coordinator