The Best Dads in Marketing

Sean Galli
The Best Dads in Marketing

Marketers regularly celebrate dads around Father’s Day with some great commercials. But these commercials are more than fluff pieces; they have lessons for your credit union or community bank.

So, let’s look at three of the best dad-related commercials and apply their methods to your institution.

1. Progressive’s TV Dad

Progressive’s TV Dad campaign stars Reginald VelJohnson (yes, Carl from "Family Matters") as your fun father who teaches you to save money with Progressive. TV Dad is recognizable to those familiar with "Family Matters," but even if you’ve never seen it, the commercial is still funny.

There are two marketing lessons you can learn from TV Dad: connect with your niche’s nostalgia and don’t be too serious.

Firstly, nostalgia is a great motivator. Everyone yearns for something from the past…and they want tiny ways to recapture it. TV Dad plays off the audience’s nostalgia for a popular 90s show.

How can you play off your niche’s nostalgia? You could say "savings as good as that orange push pop you used to have after baseball practice" rather than just "good summer savings." Or (for our Army credit unions) take advantage of the beloved "Be All You Can Be" slogan to promote financial counseling services.

Secondly, don’t be afraid to use humor…especially since 91% of consumers want funny brands. Even the worst dad jokes could introduce some levity into your usual marketing voice, so don’t be afraid to experiment.

2. Nike’s Dad-Coach

This Nike ad focuses on a father’s role mentoring his children – the same way a coach mentors an athlete. The commercial displays the company’s mastery of brand consistency.

Nike celebrates dads while maintaining the focus on athleticism that defines their brand and products. Does your credit union or community bank have consistent marketing?

Maybe not. A common finding during marketing assessments is a lack of brand consistency. That might mean mismatched imagery styles, different brand voices or a litany of other issues.

Start analyzing your marketing materials today to make sure they are broadcasting a consistent identity.

3. Dove’s Real-Life Dads

Grab some tissues before you watch this Dove Men Care commercial, titled "Calls For Dad." The advertisement shows kids of all ages calling their fathers in a variety of relatable situations that are sure to make you cry.

The lesson is clear: use emotion in your marketing. Emotion convinces people. Emotion moves people.

And financial institutions have some of the most emotional products out there. How?

Because you’re not selling loans and accounts. You’re selling the joy of buying a first car, the dream of starting a family in a new home and the pride of becoming financially stable.

Market these messages first. People’s ends are emotional. Your rates and application process are just a means to get there.

Book a free marketing assessment consultation today to discover where to start implementing these lessons.

Sean Galli
Marketing Coordinator
Sean Galli
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