The Mother of All Community Bank and Credit Union Names

Sean Galli
The Mother of All Community Bank and Credit Union Names

"The mother of all [blank]."

Put whatever you want in the blank; the meaning is still the same. Best in class. The greatest around. The big kahuna.

But think of it another way too. A meaningful origin. Powerful memories. Lasting impact.

A mother provides these things to her children. What provides those things to your new community bank or credit union name? Discover that answer to create a name both impactful and best in class.

The Good Ol’ Days

Community financial institutions have rich, vibrant histories. Many credit unions began when a couple normal people pooled some money together. Community banks provided personalized services to small businesses and small towns.

Both types of institutions still retain much of the same spirit…but times have changed. Brands (and names) must change with them. Still, you can’t forget the past.

Your past provides meaning to your modern name. A couple ways to think about this are:

  • Incorporate original employee group characteristics
  • Creatively include your founding year
  • Use founding principles or slogans

Blue Eagle CU (formerly Roanoke Postal Employees’ FCU) used a symbol of their historical employee group (the eagle) to provide meaning to its new name during the renaming process.

The past and the present can mix in your new bank or credit union name – a very powerful mix indeed.

Deep Roots

People love their hometowns. Important places are part of people’s stories and ingrained in their memories. Your new name may want to remind them of home, especially if it’s an area with a lot of pride.

Community financial institutions often have years and years of history on the very soil of beloved communities. Creating a name tying back to these "deep roots" ingratiates you with locals.

There are several ways to do this:

  • Use the literal name of the location
  • Include a prominent physical feature
  • Mention popular local symbols (animals, plants)
  • Incorporate local mottos
  • Use regionally important languages (ex: French in Louisiana)

Credit unions choosing this route during the naming process include Brazos Star CU (formerly FedStar CU) and Heart of Louisiana CU (formerly USDA FCU).

Taking this route with your community bank or credit union name also lets you niche down into one community or expand your prospects into a larger geographic area.

Ancient Beginnings

Maybe your history doesn’t go back far enough for you. Maybe you want to go way back…back to an ancient world.

Funnily enough, this methodology leads you to some of the most modern names. Let’s look at "sozo" as an example. Meaning "to save" in Greek, this word has a brief reading and a positive meaning. You could do "Sozo FCU" or "SozoFi."

It’s ancient, but it sounds hip and new. Some directions to take here are:

  • Latin roots
  • Greek roots
  • Ancient mythology

Wildly successful brands like Nike and Amazon have names from Greek mythology, so these types of names certainly resonate with consumers.

Just make sure to choose wisely. Link your community bank or credit union name to the meaning, to your target markets and to your strategy.

And don’t forget to get some help in the process! On The Mark Strategies guides you through the naming process to your very own "mother of all names." Book a free consultation now.

Sean Galli
Marketing Coordinator