Three Community Bank and Credit Union Video Strategy Tips

Sean Galli
Three Community Bank and Credit Union Video Strategy Tips

One billion hours.

That’s how much daily video content people watched on YouTube…in 2017. Only YouTube. Imagine how many hours people watch on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram and any other platform today.

But too many financial institutions still aren’t using video and lack a video strategy. It’s time for that sad fact to change!

Here are three ways to use video and incorporate it into your community bank and credit union video strategy.


1. Brand Videos


Videos are an excellent way to showcase your brand. 96% of marketers say videos increase consumer comprehension of what you have to offer. But a good, branded video takes more than slapping your logo over some footage and offloading it to the YouTube channel dumping ground.

Your community bank and credit union video strategy requires something more nuanced. Your videos must tell stories – preferably those of staff or consumers who love you. These types of internal and external videos are extremely effective. For example, here’s a video we produced for Colorado CU’s 50th Anniversary celebration.

And ask yourself how you can add video into other (maybe boring) areas of your operations. How about your onboarding emails?

Make onboarding emails more engaging with: 

  • A CEO welcome video
  • A brief product explanation video
  • A “welcome to the family” video

2. Digital Ads


Many financial institutions invest in digital advertising (with good reason). This form of marketing is often the best way to capture consumers’ attention. Implementing motion into your digital ads increases the likelihood of positive impressions and clicks as well.

Doing digital marketing is great, but remember…everyone else is investing in digital advertising too. Hundreds if not thousands of ads bombard consumers each day. You are in a war for space in people’s minds.

Differentiate your digital ads with motion graphics or videos to stand out. Stake out your rightful territory.

Brief motion graphics and videos draw the eye better than still images. Like all marketing, motion-ads say something about you. Dynamic images tell prospective members or customers you’re a dynamic institution.

Optimize your community bank and credit union video strategy to send a dynamic message.


3. Training Videos


Videos can do more than market externally to consumers. They can do some “internal marketing” as well, building staff passion for your brand and professional skills.

Incorporate training videos into your community bank and credit union video strategy.

Even if short, these videos provide an extra employee benefit you can offer month after month. They also provide a solid baseline for a more expansive training program. Your trainer can organize discussion groups around the videos and keep people accountable for the lessons in between months.

New hire onboarding processes should also include video to keep things engaging. Retention is difficult these days, and you don’t want to start a new employee’s experience with a boring onboarding process. 

Start as you mean to go on (with interesting, engaging videos).

You can’t afford to play in the video kiddie pool anymore. Elevate your community bank and credit union video strategy with these tips and some help from On The Mark Strategies. We provide branded videos, motion graphics or videos for digital ads and training videos to keep you current.

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Sean Galli
Marketing Coordinator