Three Crucial Moments to Use Video Marketing

Sean Galli
Three Crucial Moments to Use Video Marketing

Not unlike the birthdays, graduations and weddings that can forever play on repeat because you shot them on video, video marketing is vital when it comes to communicating about the important events at your credit union or community bank.

Let’s go over the most important times to use video in marketing and how to do it effectively.

1. Core Conversions

Core conversions are a part of many strategic plans these days, and they definitely don’t happen on their own. They’re a headache for senior leadership. They’re a gigantic undertaking for staff. And they confuse consumers.

That’s where video comes in.

People remember 95% of a video message and only 10% of written messages. That means videos make core conversions easier to understand and help your written notices get the point across.

On the staff side, video tutorials explain the ins-and-outs of a new system. These tutorials support written instructions and live in cloud storage for later reference. On the consumer side, tutorial videos are also a good idea. If your staff has trouble understanding the new core, chances are your consumers will too.

2. Mergers

Like core conversions, mergers confuse everyone. Videos explaining any process changes will once again help staff and consumers. But there’s another issue at play when it comes to mergers – rallying everyone around the new institution.

Video is great at doing this because it shows emotion in a way writing can’t. With video messages, merging staff and consumers experience your welcoming people. They see the smile on your CEO’s face and hear tellers’ happy voices. Good video tells every new person there’s nothing to fear.

Look at videos we created for the Quantum-Equishare Credit Union merger to see this in action.

3. Brand Launches

It’s rare to rebrand without changing your brand’s visual style. And what better way to show off the new look to staff and consumers than with videos?

The truth is, your new brand deserves more than a press release and blog post. It’s much more exciting than that, so make something exciting to reveal it. Some perfectly crafted hype reels will give your polished brand the treatment it deserves.

When people can really see what you’ve done, the new brand’s impact will travel far beyond the executive offices. See our video marketing work on Tarrant County’s Credit Union to witness this impact just on LinkedIn.

Are any of these landmark events coming up? Let On The Mark Strategies create videos to help you capture the attention of anyone and everyone involved. Email us today and ask about our video services!

Sean Galli
Marketing Coordinator