Three Vital Parts of a Conversion Campaign

Sean Galli
Three Vital Parts of a Conversion Campaign

Core conversions are what you might call a necessary evil. Without them, your credit union or community bank stays stuck in the past…something you can’t afford to do. But implementing them is a humongous headache.

And while you can’t dull the pain completely, enacting a solid conversion campaign provides some relief on the consumer relations side.

Here are three vital parts of crafting a conversion campaign that resonates with consumers.

1. A Killer Concept

The technical aspects of a core conversion excite financial industry professionals, but they aren’t anywhere near as exciting to your members or customers. Normal people don’t understand the difference between Fiserv and Jack Henry.

You need an interesting way to draw consumers into your big updates – one that highlights benefits consumers will understand.

Develop a concept that transforms your core conversion into an adventure for your members or customers. Including an air of mystery can help too (“something big is coming…”).

One real life example is Heart of Louisiana CU’s 2019 Diamond Award winning “Cruising Into Change” Conversion Campaign. This campaign related the conversion to a cruise so members would notice it. Another adventurous idea is a space theme (think “blast-off” or “going to the next great frontier”).

2. Reminders…A Lot of Them

The marketing rule of seven says someone needs to hear your message at least seven times before taking action. A conversion campaign is similar. You must remind members or customers over and over again about what’s coming.

Use every channel imaginable: social media, email, website alerts, mobile app notifications, direct mail and branch signage. Tell people to update their information multiple times, and use tellers to inform in-branch visitors about changes.

No matter what you do, someone will still say they had no idea you were performing a systems upgrade. But multiple reminders should minimize the amount of people claiming ignorance.

And make sure you organize these reminders. In other words, have a plan! Outline exactly when you'll send each communication piece. Stick to a timetable and ensure everyone receives information before the conversion happens.

3. Positive Messaging

As nice as your upgrades are, not everything will be butterflies and roses.

Some members or customers simply don’t like change, or popular services may not be available on your new core. Sunsetting these services is bound to spark controversy.

Spin everything in a positive light. You’re phasing out old services to make way for newer, better services. The core conversion is a change, but it’s a change that will make everything more convenient.

Stay excited, even during the difficult phases. Your members or customers are looking at your messaging and attitude as an example of how to act.

And if you feel like you have enough to worry about already with your systems upgrade, enlist a partner to help you with your conversion campaign. Book a free consultation with On The Mark Strategies to get started.

Sean Galli
Marketing Coordinator