Three Ways to Make Great Bank or Credit Union Social Media Videos

Sean Galli
Three Ways to Make Great Bank or Credit Union Social Media Videos

Social media video is all the rage nowadays.

TikTok is maybe the best example of the social media video craze, but it’s not the only one. Instagram has reels. YouTube has shorts. And Facebook and X are full of user-created videos.

So, your bank or credit union social media needs to get in on the action. But how? And what makes a great social media video?

Here are three ways to craft bank or credit union social media videos viewers will remember.

1. Bring Value to Someone’s Day

People hop on social media because they’re bored or looking for engagement. Meet their problems head on with emotionally resonant content. Humor is the most common way many creators do this.

But you can also:

  • Provide hope or inspiration
  • Give someone a sense of belonging
  • Spark interest in a financial topic

SAFE CU generated video content fitting in the "belonging" category. Their brief, credit union social media video showed real members discussing why the institution was home for them.

Remember, it’s not enough to simply make a video. You must emotionally connect with your audience in that video.

2. Cater to Scrolling

Bank or credit union social media videos are different than your standard YouTube videos because they must take scrolling into account. That means social media videos are shorter and immediately state their purpose.

You need to grab a viewer’s attention and make an impact before he/she scrolls up.

A typical marketing piece introduces a problem before diving into solutions. But a bank or credit union social media video immediately hits the viewer with the solution headline. You’d show, "Three Ways to Improve Your Credit Score," before introducing the problem.

It sounds counterintuitive, but it’s all about getting to the point as quickly as possible. It’s all about showing people why you’re worth their time.

Film production companies caught onto this trend, which is why you frequently see trailer teasers play right before the full-length trailer. The teaser grabs your attention so you’ll watch the longer video. See the "Spider-Man: No Way Home" trailer for an example.

3. Build a Human Brand

It’s nigh impossible to have great bank or credit union social media videos without genuine human personalities in front of the camera…and real thought behind the camera.

Use your fun-loving employees to star in the videos and take the time to get stellar performances. You want people to connect with your team, developing a deeper relationship with your people and brand.

But you also need an excellent plan for the video. Decide on a goal. Do your research on the trends. Ditch the video idea if it causes others to cringe.

In other words: Genuine People + Strategic Thinking = Video Success

Check out Fifth Third Bank and Honor Credit Union for institutions that do a wonderful job infusing their social media videos with personality.

And if you need help making bank or credit union social media video content (or posting content in general), book a free consultation with On The Mark Strategies. Start connecting with your audiences today!

Sean Galli
Marketing Coordinator