Three Ways to Thank Consumers

Sean Galli
Three Ways to Thank Consumers

While a good consumer experience is so much more than gratitude, you’re still not getting far off the starting block without saying the occasional “thank you.” Case in point - research shows 91% of people are more likely to buy from businesses that thank their consumers.

But of course, thanking your members or customers is about more than business. It’s also a great way to live out your credit union or community bank’s mission of service.

Here are three ways to thank consumers and practice your incredible values.

1. Deliver Personalized Messages

These days, it’s easy for consumers to feel like a number. Everything’s just so…impersonal. And while robot phone trees or form letter responses save time, they don’t always convey how much you care about your members or customers.

On the other hand, a personal thank you note leaves a lasting impact. A University of Texas study showed a simple, handwritten “letter of gratitude” made recipients feel “ecstatic.” Imagine if your members or customers felt ecstatic when reading your communication.

A handwritten thank you can do that! A personal thank you call from credit union or community bank staff will do something similar. Of course, these things take time – a lot of it. So, where do you start?

Start with a form letter but modify it a tad. Where it says “Mr. Smith,” cross it out and write “John.” Keep crossing out parts you don’t like and write a short personal message on the side. This takes less time and adds some personal flair to your thank you messages.

2. Hand Out Free Branded Merchandise

Branded merchandise is a great token of gratitude because you might already have it at the branch and people love it. More than half of people like a company more after getting branded merchandise, and 83% of consumers remember who gave them the item.

Start giving away your extra shirts, pens, water bottles – whatever you have. Use these items to thank your loyal members or customers. You’ll give them a tangible sign of your appreciation, and they’ll love you more for it.

3. Support Consumers’ Causes

There’s no better way to thank members or customers than to care about what they care about. And how do you know what they care about? Ask them!

Ask members to submit social media comments about their favorite charity, or set up an in-branch drop box for people to submit their favorite causes. Choose a submitted charity at random and donate money, food, clothing or whatever else that charity might need. Lastly, publicize what you did and thank the consumer for sharing their favorite cause.

Make it into a monthly event, too. After all, there's no limit to giving thanks!

If you’re worried consumers don’t feel appreciated, it might be time for a second look. Take a marketing assessment to discover if your marketing efforts are saying what you think they’re saying.

Sean Galli
Marketing Coordinator