Top Five Reasons to Hire a Credit Union Marketing Team

Sean Galli
Top Five Reasons to Hire a Credit Union Marketing Team

Marketing is a necessity, and it requires a place in the budget. It also requires a lot of time and energy. Even if you devote the right amount of monetary resources to credit union marketing, your human resources are in short supply (especially in this labor market).

Luckily, there’s a solution available that doesn’t involve a long hiring process – an external credit union marketing team.

A credit union marketing team can save you effort and money…all while ensuring you continue to bring in business. Here are the top five reasons to hire one of these teams.


1. A credit union marketing team is a better value than hiring full-time employees (FTEs).


Hiring an FTE is a lot of work on the front-end. The state of the labor market plus lengthy hiring processes means you could go an interminable amount of time without effective marketing. And even if you find the right person, their salary and benefits are quite a hefty expense.

It’s faster and easier to hire a credit union marketing team than it is an FTE. Sign a proposal, work through the onboarding process and you’re on your way. No need to do any training like you would with an FTE. 

Hiring a credit union marketing team also makes financial sense. You get an entire group of specialists for a much cheaper cost than it takes to build a crew of your own. There are also no benefits to pay out, saving you additional money.


2. A credit union marketing team provides a wealth of specialized experience.


A credit union marketing team is a whole group of specialized experts. By hiring them, you gain access to their wealth of knowledge. You can take advantage of skillsets like copywriting, design, branding and social media coordination. It’s difficult to find that sort of expertise in-house unless you enlist your own large team of people.


3. A credit union marketing team saves you time and lightens your workload.


Your time is too valuable to spend on menial marketing tasks! A credit union marketing team takes those off your hands, letting you focus on whatever else is on your plate. These teams write blog posts, draft newsletters, create social media posts, design direct mail pieces and more.

A lighter workload gives you more time to address important strategic questions and goals. You’ll also say goodbye to feeling guilty about the million things you “should do” but never have the bandwidth to accomplish.


4. A credit union marketing team helps you have consistent marketing.


A credit union marketing team gives you the whole package…which means they cover all your marketing bases from email designs to auto loan campaigns. Since they have such a wide purview, they make your marketing consistent across all channels. For example: they created your campaign flyer, so they can maintain a common theme on your website and social media too.

Plus, marketing your credit union is their sole focus.

As a credit union leader, you have many focuses. You wear a lot of hats. It’s only natural for some consistency to get lost when you’re performing marketing in addition to your other duties. A credit union marketing team zeroes in on each marketing element to maintain consistency throughout every channel.


5. A credit union marketing team gives you creative ideas.


Is your idea well running dry? If it is, find some help!

Hiring a credit union marketing team grants you an invaluable creative resource to use when you’re at a loss. They can present a diverse array of concepts you never considered. Not only does this help you move faster, but it also keeps the creative process fun for you.

All in all, a credit union marketing team’s creative input eliminates frustration and instills excitement about the process.

Are you ready to hire a credit union marketing team? Well, you’re in the right place. On The Mark Strategies’ creative team has experience helping credit unions all over the country with their day-to-day marketing needs.

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Sean Galli
Marketing Coordinator