What Holiday Movies Teach You About Bank or Credit Union Video Marketing

Mark Arnold
What Holiday Movies Teach You About Bank or Credit Union Video Marketing

There’s no better time of year than December to curl up on the couch with hot chocolate and watch one of the many fantastic holiday movies. You really can’t go wrong, either. Whether it’s "Elf," "Miracle on 34th Street," "Christmas with the Kranks," "Home Alone" or yes, "Die Hard" – you’re sure to have a fun time.

But these movies offer more than some holiday fun...they teach you bank or credit union video marketing lessons too.

Here’s a look at what those five legendary holiday films say about using video at your institution.

1. "Elf" and Having Fun

"Elf" is a comedic movie about a human raised as an elf who returns to New York to meet his real father. Shenanigans ensue, and the movie’s cinematography and music reflect the upbeat nature of the film. People love this movie because it's fun.

The lesson is: don’t be too serious in your bank or credit union video marketing. Talking heads are boring. Dull colors push audiences away. Do something vibrant and exciting and even quirky, like this Vantage West CU commercial.

2. "Miracle on 34th Street" and Inspiring Hope

"Miracle on 34th Street" is a heartfelt film about the real Santa being hired as a department store Santa. He proceeds to change lives and boost the store’s business. Eventually, he winds up in court…where his attorney must prove he is the real Santa!

The movie is all about hoping in the impossible, and financial stability might feel impossible for some potential members or customers. Use your bank or credit union video marketing to show them it’s not too far out of reach. Show consumers how you help them succeed. Del-One FCU does a great job with inspiring hope in its member testimonials.

3. "Christmas with the Kranks" and Staying Seasonal

"Christmas with the Kranks" tells the story of a couple who skips Christmas when their daughter doesn’t come home for the holidays. The Kranks ultimately wind up pitted against their Christmas-obsessed neighborhood.

Like the Kranks, your institution is in a world of hurt if it skips the holidays. Perform some light news jacking and celebrate the holidays in your bank or credit union video efforts. Market seasonal products like holiday loans and Christmas Club accounts.

4. "Home Alone" and the Small Details

In "Home Alone," a large family leaves on a trip and forgets one of their children. The child (Kevin) must creatively fend off two burglars while he awaits his family’s return.

Make sure your bank or credit union video marketing doesn’t forget the little things. Lighting. Sound. Acting. Every detail tells the audience something about your brand, so it’s worth investing in a good video…because an unprofessional video will never fend off the competition.

5. "Die Hard" and Subverting Expectations

Ok – this one is controversial. And that’s the point.

"Die Hard" recounts the tale of police officer John McClane, who battles terrorists after they crash a Christmas party and threaten everyone in the building. There’s much debate around whether this is even a holiday movie at all (although it definitely is in my book).

Like "Die Hard," your bank or credit union video marketing should not be a rote, rinse-and-repeat affair. Push the envelope and subvert consumer expectations. Maybe people should doubt if it even fits the mold of a "normal" financial institution video. Desert Financial CU shows a good example of an unusual credit union commercial that engages the viewer.

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Mark Arnold
Founder and CEO