What’s the Cupid’s Arrow in Your Community Bank or Credit Union Marketing?

Sean Galli
What’s the Cupid’s Arrow in Your Community Bank or Credit Union Marketing?

You’ve seen it in many a cartoon…someone is struck by Cupid’s arrow, and then they’re struck by love. Well, infatuation is a more accurate term. The character hit by the arrow simply can’t resist the object of his or her affection.

Few leaders can say consumers are infatuated with their community bank or credit union marketing. That’s a shame too, because (believe it or not) it’s completely possible!

Take a look at these five “Cupid’s arrows” to increase consumers’ love of your community bank or credit union marketing:

  • Have a Fun Personality – People love to party. People love to have fun. Does your community bank or credit union marketing give them a chance to do that? It needs to! And no one is “too boring” for this to work. Blackstone (an asset management firm) has fun marketing that shows this business is anything but mundane. So, have a sense of humor in your marketing. Give into the quirkiness sometimes. Offer someone an escape from all those other dull places.

  • Get Down to Earth – Some marketing pieces simply aren’t down-to-earth; they’re floating around in space. How many car commercials show people driving through the desert? Or a snowstorm or torrential downpour at high speed? These commercials look really cool, but they don’t present relatable problems. Your community bank or credit union marketing must understand consumers’ real day-to-day struggles. Getting to work, finding a place for an expanding family or not having to work when older are all areas to target. Stay rooted to the ground. Don’t show problems people don’t have.

  • Bring Solutions – As a follow-up to showing a relatable problem, you must bring relevant solutions. All marketing does this in some way or another, but you must do it well. The famous 2023 commercial from The Farmer’s Dog poignantly states, “nothing matters more than more years together.” It effectively positions its food as a way to extend your dog’s life. Have community bank or credit union marketing that positions itself around the deep needs consumers have. The joy of a kid with his or her first car. Or using your Rewards Checking for a dinner date, then pregnancy test, then diapers.

  • Be One of a Kind – One thing’s for sure: consumers won’t be infatuated with your community bank or credit union marketing if they’re bored. Carve out a unique identity distinguishing you from the competition. Volkswagen’s latest commercial from 2024’s Big Game does this well, communicating the unique character of its vehicles across time. What makes you different? And don’t say service, people or community…everyone says that. One quick differentiation method is visual. Develop compelling visuals using colors and styles people don’t typically associate with financial institutions (purple pink, etc.).

  • Put Others First – Community financial institutions are great at practicing this principle, but community bank or credit union marketing is not always great at communicating it. There’s often too much focus on “us” or “we.” Without meaning to offend, people don’t care that much about you unless you show what’s in it for them. Ally Bank’s marketing clearly displays how its services put consumers first. You must do the same thing! Your member or customer is always the hero. Direct every message at them. Remember: it’s never about you – you aren’t marketing to yourself or the Board.


Are you worried people are falling out of love with you because of community bank or credit union marketing pitfalls? Enlist a real team of Cupids to review your marketing and give you recommendations that will attract consumers.

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Sean Galli
Marketing Coordinator