Your Brand Is More Than a Fun Costume

Sean Galli
Your Brand Is More Than a Fun Costume

It’s almost Halloween, and you know what that means – candy and costumes!

There are plenty of costumes out there, too. While trick or treating, you’ll find adorable baby pumpkins, toilet paper mummies and exact recreations of Pennywise (the clown from “It”) all on the same street. And no matter how innocent or scary they are, these costumes still have living, breathing people underneath.

Like Halloween costumes, financial institution brands come in all shapes, sizes and color palates. But you shouldn't ignore what’s underneath. A trick or treater is more than a costume, and your brand is more than a logo.

Don't cast your brand aside after one fun night. Let’s take a look at what really brings your credit union or community bank’s brand to life.

Make Cult Classic Values

What are cult classics? They’re movies with timeless followings, and the horror genre is full of them. If designed correctly, your core values can also become cult classics.

In other words, they can have a timeless impact on your brand. This is big, because it’s the difference between someone saying you have a “cool logo” and them actually feeling something when they see your visuals. And it pushes them to buy – 63% of consumers choose value-driven brands over their competitors.

So, how do you create these values? You don’t. They already exist.

Go on a “values safari” to discover what principles your best employees already practice every day. Are they fun to be around? Is their dedication unending? Do they use curiosity to investigate fraud on consumer accounts?

Pick the most common traits and formally integrate them into your brand. Use real staff stories to generate excitement about the new values.

Treat Consumers to Amazing Service

When it comes to consumer experience, you want to be the neighborhood house handing out candy bars; not the one handing out toothbrushes. Because your service (whether good or bad) is a part of your brand. The data proves it, too – 96% of consumers tie experience to brand loyalty.

But let’s look beyond the data and think about Walmart for a second. Subpar service is a part of their brand. You almost can’t think about Walmart without thinking about the service quality.

Make sure your credit union or community bank avoids a similar fate. Foster a clear, easy-to-understand experience, make it consistent between locations and repeat it constantly.

Highlight Who’s Underneath the Costume

Without a person, a Halloween costume is just a lifeless shell. Your brand is the same way.

People aren’t logos. They aren’t colors. People are people, and they want to know your brand through people more than anything else. In fact, 72% of consumers enjoy brands more when employees post about them on social media.

Your employees add voices and faces to your visuals, making your brand relatable and bringing it to life. Showcasing your staff tells consumers your brand is by the people, for the people.

So, is your brand dead? Like Doctor Frankenstein, your credit union or community bank can bring it back to life. Book a free rebranding consultation with the On The Mark Strategies team to deliver the spark needed for a new creation.

Sean Galli
Marketing Coordinator